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Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is widely recognized as a world-authority on building corporate image and creating global name identities. He introduced the Laws of Corporate Naming in the 80s and also founded ABC Namebank in Toronto and in New York. Renowned for his cutting-edge research on developing powerful iconic name and corporate image identities, his global cyber-branding image for e-commerce is published around the globe just about each and every single day of the year.

Naseem is a powerful Keynote speaker and has been invited for more than 100 international conferences. He has been profiled in hundreds of articles around the world. He has also appeared on hundreds of Radio and TV programs, circumnavigated the globe many times and brings an extremely rich international flavor to his work. Naseem has personally created global name identities which, when combined, receive a turnover of $40 billion USD per annum.

Publications/ Books/ Papers

He has many articles on his credit.