Interview with Vadim Rogovskiy

Vadim Rogovskiy
Vadim Rogovskiy

Computer vision, mobiles will change global markets dramatically
3DLook, a leading company for human body scanning technology that works on any mobile device and does not require any additional hardware, has announced the launch of its platform for online apparel stores, SAIA, a body scanning and measuring platform for ecommerce. The new product can be used to immediately determine the customer's exact size and fit. Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO of 3DLook, explains the application of its body scanning technology in apparel and fashion.

Please walk us through the journey of 3DLook since inception. How did you come up with the idea of SAIA?

Computer vision and deep learning, combined with mobile devices will dramatically change many global consumer markets in the next 5-10 years, affecting how billions of people solve their everyday routine tasks. So, we decided to start with the apparel industry, because nowadays it's hard to find anyone who has never suffered from poor shopping experience online. And because mobile commerce is growing at a fast pace, and more and more shoppers are buying clothes using mobile devices, this industry needs a completely new and more friendly user experience, and we decided to take it much closer.

What makes SAIA better than other technologies being used by e-commerce sites?

We are mobile focused-mostly because of my background -connected with mobile advertising and apps. And that's why the technology that we are creating at 3DLook is first of all to be used on mobile apps and mobile versions of online stores. SAIA is also the first-ever solution in the market that will allow online stores to collect data about customers (to get measurements of customers) with the help of a smartphone camera. It also can help them provide customers with more personalised shopping recommendations, better business planning, or more effective retargeting campaigns.

How does SAIA work? Is it easy to integrate the technology into a retailer's existing system? Can it be used in-store too?

From a customer perspective our solution is as simple as taking a selfie. When shopping online you will be proposed to take two photos with your smartphone without leaving an online store mobile app, and that's it. You then can shop clothing that will 100 per cent fit without browsing hundreds of pieces, you will get personalised recommendations for your body shape, etc. We want to make sure that the experience of a user would be simple and natural, that's why we are so confident with our platform.

Integrating SAIA into an app or a website is as simple, as integration of any other SDK or JS. About in-store use: we are different from big enterprise 3D scanners-we don't require people to come to a physical location to scan themselves-we allow them to do it very easily at home or in any other place.
How does SAIA work? Is it easy to integrate the technology into a retailer's existing system? Can it be used in-store too?

Besides increasing revenues for online retailers and minimising returns, what else will the technology provide?

We provide valuable data about online shoppers. Right now online apparel stores know next to nothing about their customers. Yeah, they can get their email, sex and other info, but knowing exact measurements, body shape of customers will help plan and execute marketing campaigns on a brand new level. We are looking forward to see how it will be used in the future by marketing professionals.

Which major retailers are using the technology?

We launched SAIA only three weeks ago and already have 10 clients on an integration stage, including several very big global companies.

Is the technology restricted to apparel? Do you plan to explore new applications for the technology?

Body scanning technology can also be used in health & fitness and entertainment industries. So our next step will be to create a vertical solution for these markets. We already have a prototype for fitness industry, and plan to start offering it to the market soon.

Where do you plan to take AI from here especially in the retail domain?

We are not planning to focus only on human body scanning; we want to make maximum use of data that our clients will collect using our solution, to create more personalised recommendations for customers. Also, the next version of SAIA is coming very soon that will offer a complete experience for online shoppers, not limited to size recommendations. (HO)
Published on: 02/08/2017

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