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Dollen Yao
Dollen Yao
A&A Textiles
A&A Textiles

Denim market in Taiwan fading out
A&A Textiles Co, Ltd, is one of the leading fashion fabrics design oriented mills in Taiwan. The company has been in the textile industry for more than five decades. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Dollen Yao, Owner of A&A Textiles, gives an overview of the Taiwanese denim market, the company's major achievements and plans for the future.

Give us an overview of the denim market of Taiwan/China, including the size of the industry.

The denim market in Taiwan is fading out, I think it's getting harder. China might be a little better as China is bigger and has bigger sources for denim fabrics and productions.

A&A mills has an experience of more than 5 decades in the textile industry. Give us some insights over the years in terms of your progress and achievements?

A&A has been in the market for more than 5 decades - we have been working very hard to design new jacquard denims for different customers worldwide. Not only we produce jacquard denims, but we also produce some coated denims, printed denims, etc. A&A is the first denim company in Taiwan to enter Premiere Vision Paris. Since then, this company has been developing new designs and trying new things to produce some unique denims.

How are your denim production techniques different from other brands?

Our denim production techniques are not quite different from others, but we are able to produce good quality for lower price, and able to produce some special denims such as stretch canvas or herringbones. We are also able to customise denim jacquard for customers.

Which are the major denim brands whom you deliver your fabrics to?

Appleseeds, Guess, Reiss, Urban Outfitters, Lucky Brand, Lois Jeans, Hightops…etc.

What are the number of swatches that your library boasts of?

We have at least 700 swatches (or maybe more).

Which types of denim fabrics sell more?

It varies - some customers buy plain ones, some buy jacquard. They buy tencel and cotton crosshatch denims as well.

What percentage of the production is for domestic and what per cent is exported abroad?

I would say 20 per cent is for domestic and 80 per cent is exported. 

Denim industry world-over is a very polluting industry. What steps have you taken in the direction of sustainability?

To be honest Taiwan has very limited role in sustainability, but we are aware of the current situation, so we have some items using recycled polyester. We have a series using Lyocell (Lenzing product), and new developments using Lenzing's Refibers.

What changes in the denim industry have you seen through the years in terms of buyer's preferences?

Excellent quality with fair price or special products with reasonable price.

Any plans to expand your current capacities to accommodate new products in the future?

Every season we will come out with some new designs for our jacquard denim series…last season we had at least 9 new jacquard denims. Not only did we have new jacquard denims, we have also developed some new plain denims every season. Last season (AW 2019) we also developed new denim - stretchy herringbones and canvas. The season before last season we developed something called the workout denims with very stretchy functions. 

So yes, we plan to expand current capacities to accommodate new products in near future. (PC)
Published on: 24/02/2020

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