Interview with Mr Aaron Lee

Mr Aaron Lee
Mr Aaron Lee
Richpeace Group Company Limited
Richpeace Group Company Limited

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Richpeace Group is a high-tech enterprise that comprises of 12 companies that are world famous in textile and garment machinery industry. Through the years of operation, the corporations that Richpeace invested, form the operating structure of technique’s pluralism, series of products, sales networking, and international marketing. The Group constructed informationized textile and garment industrial terrace of computerized embroidery, computerized garment, computerized knitting, computerized quilting, computerized shuttle, and industry automatic control systems, and has developed self-owned intellectual property right of high-tech products of hundreds of products kinds, 24 series, and 6 classes. Richpeace has 24 patents in textile, garments, and embroidery industry, hundreds of software copyrights, 6 corporation’s standards, and over 20 honors. Richpeace operates internationally in over 50 countries through its 20 selling nets, 13 professional network stations, and a huge well qualified and dedicated workforce. Mr Aaron Lee, the Chairman of Richpeace Group, is a graduate from Nanjin Huadong Engineering College, majored in System Engineering (1978 -82). Mr Lee began his career working at 207 Weapon Ministry for the year 1982 to 1988. From Oct 1988 to Dec 1990: he had been the General Engineer of Shenzhen Feida Computer Machinery Ltd. From Jan 1991 to Feb 1993: Organized the set up of the Shenzhen Hua Yi Company. From Mar 1993 to May 2000: Director of Shenzhen Huayi Computer Machinery Ltd. From Jun 2000 to Sept 2000: Initiated the set up of the Northphenix Company. From Sept 2000 to Sept 2003: The General Manager of Beijing Northphenix Intelligence Science and Technology Ltd. Presently, Mr Lee also holds the position of a Director at Shenzhen Yingning Co Ltd; Vice President of Shanghai Takatori Science and Technology Co Ltd; Expert at Beijing Intellectual Property Judicial Review Center; President of Tianjin Bao Ying Computer & Machinery Co Ltd; The Third Commissioner of Tianjin BaoDi Area Commission; and Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Investment. Recognized aptly for his expertise, knowledge and efforts, Mr Lee had been rave reviewed as “Excellent Entrepreneur” on 12, May, 2006 by Shenzhen Enterprise Development Association. Sharing his views exclusively with Face2Face team, Mr Aaron Lee draws the larger picture of textile machinery market worldwide.

Name of your company ‘Rich Peace’ sounds interesting and atypical in terms of Machinery Business. Can we start the talk with a few lines from you on the ethos behind naming it so?

Richpeace is a combination word of RICH & PEACE. All over the world people have same expectations from the life: one is to be enough wealthy in substance as well as in spirit, and the other is to have a peaceful environment. So, I made the brand name as Richpeace. Interesting to know that; no matter Chinese or Foreigners, they all like this name!

In world textile machinery market, how do you see embroidery machinery market faring? What is its total size and future potential?

After the market took off since 2004 until 2007, India especially, is the biggest embroidery machines’ market. However, now the market is going to be stable. In China many smaller embroidery machines factory are closing. And henceforth, the market won’t be same as 2004-2007, but the market potential as well as demand will be stable. The customers have gradually realized to select high quality machines to be the choice because more and more people understand that expensive means long time cheaper. I believe the real time for high quality machines is coming and this market will keep stable potential for high technology & high quality machines.

Advent of embroidery machines has given a new horizon to fashion. What is your say?

It is true. Fashion means following the popular trend and also to be unique. Embroidery has been introduced to fashion from the very beginning. Nowadays embroidery has become one of the most important forms of embellishments in fashionable clothes, and it will keep playing this main role as there is no substitute of embroidery.

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Published on: 22/07/2008

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