Interview with Mr. Fernando Pimentel

Mr. Fernando Pimentel
Mr. Fernando Pimentel

ABIT is among the leading associations of the world that serves the interests of the industry in a big way. Can you talk about its history and core activities?

ABIT was founded in 1957 and is based in São Paulo, the main city in Brazil for business. The core activity is to promote the development of the production chain of textiles and designer clothing in Brazil. The textile and designer clothing sector comprises more than 30 thousand companies (from thread producers to designer clothing), which are scattered through many states throughout the Country, employing 1.5 million people and with a turnover of around U$ 25 billion annually, exporting around 10% of this amount. The association acts both in the internal market, promoting business activities, enabling companies and staff, promoting seminars and talks, acting with the governments, both federal and state and municipal, and also in the external market, participating in fairs and international events, attracting buyers, developing market research and participating actively on international negotiations.

Brazilian textile and apparel industry has been a vibrant industry, so far. What makes it so strong and dynamic that could help Brazil emerge economically strong?

Our industry is very competitive. We are placed among the six biggest textile poles in the world, we are the second largest denim producer and the third largest cotton knits producer. Our fashion is finding its space at the world's windows, thanks to the Brazilian identity which can be seen in all products. Our industry has developed with a focus on the internal market, which is wide and dynamic, and with a huge potential for growth. Although the textile and apparel sector is traditionally focused on exports, our participation in the global market is still small, though growing. The textile and apparel industry represents 5% of the national GDP and around 2% of the total exports in Brazil. The textile and apparel production chain has got a promising future and ABIT and ABDI, a development agency from the Brazilian government, are developing a new strategic plan to harness the production growth, both for the internal market and also to increase participation of Brazilian products in the international market.
Published on: 02/01/2006

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