Interview with Aguinaldo Diniz Filho

Aguinaldo Diniz Filho
Aguinaldo Diniz Filho

The Brazilian textile industry is constantly growing due to the increase in modern equipment and technical development. Please explain which other aspects are applied for its tremendous growth?

The industry has invested more than $ 12 billion in equipment over the last decade. Only in the last three years, with the appreciation of our currency against the dollar, imports increased even more on machines, nearly $ 6 billion. The domestic market is very large (193 million Brazilians) and purchasing power has improved for all, especially among the poorest who are rising and consuming more. But we have been invaded by Asian products, which have undermined the domestic production as well as return on investment.

With the expansion of the textile industry, coordination with the green footprint becomes essential. How will ABIT endorse sustainable growth for this industry?

The Brazilian fashion industry is recognized worldwide for its vocation for sustainability. The environmental and social laws in Brazil are very strict and companies know the weight of the fines, if they break these laws. We have several certification programs for products that respect the environment, treating waste, re-using water, making production increasingly clean, not hiring informal or illegal labor and even campaigning for environmental education in business. The sale of "eco-friendly" products is respected in Brazil and worldwide. Here, we do not use different types of chemicals that are still widely used in Asia.

ABIT is supported by APEX to promote textile products as well as by Texbrasil. Please explain their substantial role?

The partnership between ABIT and APEX-Brazil is called Texbrasil. Apex-Brazil is the arm of government that encourages and promotes Brazilian exports and also the attraction of investors. This government agency established partnerships with various sectors of the economy, not only with textiles, but with coffee, shoes, furniture, fruit, liquor, cosmetics, etc. Our Texbrasil program is the oldest. We are already 12 years old and, consequently, we have the largest volume of economic contribution. It is an essential support, because through Texbrasil we are increasing and professionalising our export base.
Published on: 23/04/2012

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