Interview with Mr Paul C Ford

Mr Paul C Ford
Mr Paul C Ford
Chief Executive Officer

Quite interesting! Would you also tell us, geographically, which regions would you segment into potential and emerging regions?

Not surprisingly, the majority of manufacturing done for our textile partners is in Asia. We are also seeing increased activity and interest from India, parts of the Middle East and Latin America. As far as brand targets, we will continue to build on our base in the United States and look forward to expansion in Europe.

What about competition in your sector, Mr Ford? What all core competencies help your company to be ahead of its contenders?

Agion is the recognized leader in silver based, natural antimicrobials with a team of microbiologists, materials scientists and regulatory expertise that truly deliver on a partnership model from concept to commercialization. We continue to see a displacement of traditional synthetic chemical approaches to which silver formulations are a perfect, environmentally friendly alternative. We also continue to innovate: for example, Agion Active, our newest offering, is a dual technology for odor control that is the first in its field.

Some positive vibes can be traced in market regarding economic recovery. How would you comment on it? Is the recovery to bring along a new set of challenges for market?

Demanding and appreciating true value and a renewed sense of environmental consciousness are positive trends at the forefront of rebuilding the economy. Agion has strong roots in both of these values. By becoming partners with our clients we work together to enhance classic products with the naturally clean and safe antimicrobial properties of Agion technology. Because Agion technology is proven and long lasting, our partners, manufacturers, are able to offer solutions that are of top value and environmentally safe. In addition, because of the development cycles for footwear and apparel, we are generally working with the innovation departments of brands who are looking for the new technologies to fuel growth and value.

Is your line of operations safe from the environmental haphazard?

Agion has the broadest regulatory portfolio of any antimicrobial offering. Agion antimicrobials are EPA-registered for a broad range of uses including food and water contact. Our registrations include FDA, NSF, and Personal Care Products Association. The company is also pre- authorized with REACH, on the European BPD, EFSA, and registered in Switzerland, and reviewed in New Zealand and throughout Asia. Agion is the only antimicrobial on the market to receive Gold Cradle to Cradle certification from MBDC. The material had to pass strict environmental testing for this certification. Fifty percent of the energy used in producing Agion must be from renewable sources or the Company purchases energy credits to offset such emissions. We are already pre-approved by REACH and are looking at other textile specific certifications that approve ingredients.

Thanks for time and comments, Mr Ford! It was pleasure to speak with you.

You are welcome.

Published on: 02/11/2009

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