Interview with Mr Ramazan Ozgur

Mr Ramazan Ozgur
Mr Ramazan Ozgur
General Manager
Akin Tekstil
Akin Tekstil

Dealing into Shirting fabrics since five decades, you must be having information and analysis on the current consumer preferences, trends and market potential as well. Please share it with us and our 2 million ever increasing visitors worldwide.

Akin Tekstil manufactures the cloth for shirt according to pleasure, fashion, season and different tastes prevailing in the global countries. The creative collections, which are introduced by our expert staff 2-3 times in a year, are created by sharing opinions of consumers worldwide. We offer many multifunctional Technical Textiles such as smell-eliminating (antibacterial) in essence, reflecting sunlight (anti-UV), removing mosquito and insects (anti-mosquito), non-sweating (absorbing sweat) etc. into the cloth for shirt.

Your Group also claims its lead in the technical textile sector in Turkey. Can we know about the products range that you offer in this sector? What are your perceptions regarding sector’s market future to be?

Akin Tekstil has continued its production in the integrated manner since 1956. It has put all technical textiles into its production line by using integration facilities for 2 years. All technical textiles are examined by our expert staff from yarn to fabric and I think, it responds to the need in a great percentage. This market is definitely the lucrative one.

How do you envisage Organic Cotton Fabrics evolving, while considering present cotton market scenario full of crisis and obvious inflation?

Organic cotton is a different reality of cotton world. My personal belief is that human beings have already used this organic structure in its first primitive lifestyle. I hope that the chemicals to be used in the future will be organic without any compulsion.

Akin Tekstil manufactures and markets “Organic Cloth” with special dyestuff and chemicals by using organic cotton.

“The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams,” says the famous quote on Innovation by W Arthur Porter. How well this goes with R&D division at Akin Tekstil. Do you have any new product to be announced here with?

As stated above too, our R&D group forms the mainstay of our company’s success. With 50 expert and highly skilled staff, this division carries out its work by renewing itself and is constantly serving the flame retardant world of Technical Textile.

In corporate business, the human factor in conforming to the dynamics brought by globalization is getting significant now. Isn’t it? So, how active is Akin Tekstil on this front?

In Akin Tekstil, human factor always plays the leading role, because, we believe the good game can be played only with the good and quality players. Moreover, since the individuals accept the globalization in advance, our experts, who exchange the information with all poles of the world, enrich their wide opinions and we try to exist in the world’s trend by adding new staff to our company.


Published on: 22/09/2008

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