Interview with Mr Walter Bowald

Mr Walter Bowald
Mr Walter Bowald
Vice President Sales
Amsler-Tex AG
Amsler-Tex AG

How does it feel serving trendsetters like Levis, Pepe, Zara, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Lee Cooper and AZDA etc? What is the role of Amsler in success of such brands?

We are aware that Brands always demand something distinctive and we; at Amsler not only cater to their demand to be successful today but also keep a laser focus on what it needs to withstand the market challenges of tomorrow. The concept and the desired technology is always the key to be a step ahead.

Can you draw a larger picture of Fancy Yarns market worldwide and current trends in it?

As you are aware, Effect yarn plays a dominant role in denim industry day by day.

Home Textile has recently picked up the concept even in Fine Count. Similarly a trend is on its way with Amsler effect in Knits; already major brands have launched effects in Woven Shirts. Amsler is developing new Yarn characteristics which will be launched on the niche market worldwide.

How flexible are your equipments & solutions to keep pace with such a volatile market of Fancy yarn?

As we believe Spinning is an art, we give the Amsler tool to the specialized artist and depending upon the individual creativity the effects can be designed from a simple linen look to silky sheen in the fabric. Effect yarn for an authentic look in the fabrics is the innovation for tomorrow!

Do you think low cost offering non-branded equipment makers impose tough challenge on company manufacturing brands? How does Amsler beat such challenges?

Sustain ability in the effect yarn business can be achieved only through Specialized Amsler systems and tools due to the versatile effects which cannot be imitated by other generalized systems available in the market.

Frankly speaking, our effects can work in warp, weft and knits without affecting the efficiency and quality in the further process which the so called non-branded/low cost equipment makers can not achieve. So the Weavers/Knit Segment will be clearly able to differentiate. Therefore, ours is not just a Brand (label) there is a value in the Brand.

What is in store on Latest Developments at your R&D unit?

We listen to the customers (from Designer to Spinner), see what they want and make that happen.

Imitating nature by considering its perfection and using natural systems as models, we are creating technologies that are more sustainable than those in use today.

Amsler has just launched the following new products: •XSS – Extreme short slubs •3C – Injected Yarn
Published on: 17/03/2008

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