Interview with Shawn Neville

Shawn Neville
Shawn Neville
Avery Dennison RBIS
Avery Dennison RBIS

What are the latest technological innovations taking place in the field of embellishments?

The latest technological innovations in the field of embellishments include the use of high definition and reflective heat transfer technology that enables products to retain its original property despite multiple washes. These products are just gaining traction in the market and will be a real game changer over the next few years.

What are the changes noticed in the market for embellishments nowadays as compared to the earlier times for your textile products?

Almost ten years ago, embellishments were done at a local level. There was minimal consistency and technology to achieve the desired results. Screen printing was messy. Sublimation was expensive. With the advanced technological innovations currently taking place in the industry, the opportunities are endless.

The importance of research and innovation in this industry cannot be ignored. How can companies ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest technologies?

To meet the ever-changing consumer demand, there is an increasing need for companies to develop innovative and technologically-sound products to maintain their competitive advantage. We have been fortunate to partner with an incredible roster of the world's most leading brands to develop forward-leaning solutions to better the industry.

How can RFID make retail operations easy? Can you explain in detail in a layman's tongue?

Simply put, RFID is the evolution of the barcode. RFID scans products a 100 times faster than barcodes with nearly 100 percent accuracy. This makes the entire inventory management process easier and more efficient for retailers.

Is the future for RFIDs and embellishments market bright?

Our core packaging, labeling, price management, global compliance and brand protection solutions remain very important foundational businesses with solid growth expectations. As we look ahead, new key growth drivers will be RFID and embellishments, which will significantly augment our integrated solutions for both branding and information systems.
Published on: 21/08/2014

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