Interview with Volkan Atik

Volkan Atik
Volkan Atik

How big is the design team at Avva? Where do they source information on trends and consumer insights from?

We have a large design team. As you know digital world trends have been reflecting consumer needs at a much faster rate. In that regard, we of course follow some of the websites and countries who are trendsetters. We also take into consideration consumer research reports.

In which regions of Turkey and abroad are your revenue generating stores located?

We have many stores nationwide in Turkey, and abroad we have stores in mid-Europe/Russia / Turkic Republics and the Middle East.

Which are the top-selling items at Avva?

Avva is a brand which has a target demographic of men who like to dress trendy. Classical dress and tuxedo make 20 per cent of whole collection, and another 20 per cent consists of standard products which can be called 'basic', and the rest 60 per cent is mostly smart casuals which include up-to-date trends and highly fashionable group in itself. Our top-selling items may differ every season and at various sales points, but generally our jackets, coats, shirts, and trousers are doing very well. Which are the top-selling items at Avva?

What are the challenges that the Turkish fashion industry faces at present? What would be your suggestions to overcome them?

Recovering from the economic crisis that began in early 2014, and continued through 2015 and 2016 till the end of 2017 was a challenging period. But we are optimistic about 2018 even with all the geopolitical risks and cyclical problems. Our experience shows that Turkey has been able to withstand all this due to its strong economic structure. If any other country had same problems, they would be dealing with a bad situation. Let's not forget that difficulties can strengthen people as well as companies and institutions. It's the reality that we are immune against economic and political crises. This immunity has become stronger with the government's support.

Turkey is a big country, and with respect of our sector there are huge market possibilities due to the country's favourable geographical location. Turkish, Russian, Arabic speaking countries are Turkey's natural markets in the ready-to-wear sector. If we take into consideration the demographic structure, we would say that the young population in this region is around 1 billion, and that's a very big market. Therefore, we need to constantly operate within the range of this young and strong demographic body. Being innovative and up-to-date carries great weight while trying to be sustainable in this big market. 

Do you plan to penetrate new markets with Avva? What are the future plans?

Avva currently has 70 domestic and 30 international stores, and its products are sold in around 3,000 corners including Turkish, Russian and Arabic speaking countries. We have franchisee stores in the US and East Europe. Beside that, our company employs 500 people directly and 5.000 indirectly. We have succeeded in 2017 with a growth rate of 38 per cent. Our expected growth rate for 2018 is 30-35 per cent. We will be able to operate 200 stores by opening 100 new stores in domestic and international markets by 2022. Also, we have our own website Besides that, we also sell our products on "private shopping" sites. Our online revenue consists of 2-2.5 per cent of our total turnover. (HO)
Published on: 07/04/2018

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