Interview with Mr. Danny Taragan

Mr. Danny Taragan
Mr. Danny Taragan
President & CEO
Bagir Group Ltd.
Bagir Group Ltd.

At present, you have made a mark in markets like USA and UK. Do you have any expansion plans? Are you targeting the emerging economies as well like India and China?

Our markets, except the two that you mentioned, are in Germany, Israel, and Australia as well. We have production cooperation in China and sourcing in India. Both of our partners are selling in China and India, and we are exploring the option of expanding this cooperation to marketing.

How do you see the future of the textile industry in Israel? Do you think it will go a long way ahead in the global textile industry?

The textile industry needs very hands-on production and fits especially well to developed countries. Israel is not one of them. But, Research and Development (R&D) and innovative designs are a part of Bagir Group Israel. The team in Israel has evolved considerably, since 1961, and has many years of knowledge and experience. This team is the engine that makes our company so special and successful.

Do you think that the countries nearby like Jordan and others pose a threat to the Israeli textile industry?

We see this as a big opportunity, our old partners are in these developing countries and the last political changes made no harm to our relationship.

Do you suppose all the talk about free trade between India and Israel will help the textile industry of Israel in anyway?

As far as I know, the last visit of the Indian textile delegation was not from the tailored clothing sector. If there will be any changes in this field, we are happy to investigate the Indian factories and do what is necessary to make them suitable to our market. We are looking for free trade between India and Europe, as well.
Published on: 08/03/2013

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