Interview with Mr SM Nurul Huda Chowdhury

Mr SM Nurul Huda Chowdhury
Mr SM Nurul Huda Chowdhury
Managing Director
Base Textiles Limited
Base Textiles Limited

Let us talk something about Strengths of Bangladeshi Textile/Clothing industry; how will you word for areas of improvements in this industry?

Textile-garment is the most important and large industrial sector in Bangladesh, this is the biggest export earning sector. From the very beginning this sector has been doing well but now we are more organized then before. Our strength is our workforce, port facility, of-course government policies, good governance of Bangladesh and as well our strong backward linage industries support. Fibre2fashion News Desk has also reported about our bigger and technology oriented garments factories which are more productive.

We believe we have still a lot to develop, we have weaknesses and we know it. But we see it as our development opportunities. Along with the industry, the government is also taking the positive steps to ensure steady supply gas and power to textile /clothing industries and if possible at some concessional rates.

Striped off Economy of US has forced exporters to change their clientele countries. Is the story same for BASE too? Which all countries can be counted as hub of opportunities for players of your capacity?

It is absolutely true that US has forced exporters to change their clientele countries. Base Textiles Limited is not the exception. But our major shipment goes to Europe and a little to the US market. Moreover Bangladeshi apparel/clothing industries sees a bright prospect amid the ongoing global economic crisis. Due to economic turmoil apparel prices may go down and demand for low priced apparel demand will be on the rise. And massive shutdown will be happened in higher wages payee country. It is anticipated that Bangladesh being a successful producer of low-priced and quality textile/garments goods, our labour cost is lower from any country of this competition.

What makes BASE lead the market in the competition from its contenders?

Base Textiles Limited is one of the leading composite knit garments manufacturers in the country. In the present economic situation BASE is much more ahead from most of the contenders of Bangladesh and outside as well. Most of the apparel industries of Bangladesh are producing either garments or fabrics or yarn. Comparing with BASE, there are only a few numbers of apparels companies having the process - Knitting-Dyeing-Finishing-Printing-Garments under one roof. As competitive edge to these few, we have state-of-art production units, dexterity and technology know-how, thus, we can produce preferred quality garments at competitive prices from others, as well in shorter lead-time.

Moreover, we believe in developing and rewarding employees to effectively managed buyer-supplier relationship and consistently improve our product line and improve business standard of corporate governance and also make the work friendly environment will help us to lead the market in the competition from its contenders.

How do you see demand of eco friendly products in the industry? How is BASE working on ‘Save Environment’ move?

BASE is very much conscious about its environment and environment friendly products. As Base Textiles Limited is completely an eco friendly project, keeping this in mind we have already started to make our Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) which will be completed within this year, and also have 3 (three) big Water Treatment Plant where all toxicant water from the factory is treated and drained out to the nearby rivers thus preventing contamination. Our textile product is certified with Oeko-Tex 100 Standard; we have already applied for FLO-CERT a fair trade certificate. We are also working on GOTS to produce organic products.


Published on: 23/02/2009

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