Interview with Mr Irshad Ali Bhuiyan

Mr Irshad Ali Bhuiyan
Mr Irshad Ali Bhuiyan
Bhuiyan Group
Bhuiyan Group

How is Bangladesh positioned on textile chemicals front?

For Textile Chemicals, Bangladesh is dependent on imports from overseas. It imports from countries like China, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Holland, Thailand, India and others. In fact we see a huge demand for this sector amongst our textile players. All brands and big ticket players of this segment are enjoying good business as Bangladesh is also a tax exempted country in chemicals and industrial raw materials for 100% export oriented manufacturers.

Industry is of belief that recession had been a boon in disguise for several countries including Bangladesh. Is it really so?

Well, not much!

What all factors would you accredit for sudden increase in raw cotton and yarn prices?

It is because of several determinants like demand in world market has increased, crops cost has increased, oil price has increased, etc. Even some countries’ policies have also been changed. For example, India has come up with ban on cotton exports to save its domestic industry.

However, we think situation may improve around Nov 2010, on arrival of new lot of cultivated crops in the market.

Your Group also manufactures and exports home textiles and towels. What is current scenario in this market globally?

Well, home-textiles industry is confronting issues like raw material shortage and high prices’ upshots. In addition to that, over two thousand weaving industry workers called strike last week, and if this continues over month or two, mills will be shut down to no productions.

Also in such situation, we are looking forward to an understanding on buyers’ end, and the right spirit reaction to price rise on finished good. For, we manufacturers, in such case, have no remedy but to increase price on finished products.

Towels sector in Bangladesh is facing hard times too. Due to yarn price increase about 60% than last year, manufacturing quality, at the same time maintaining competitive prices of products, is little difficult. Hence to feed US buyers who always urge on low cost products, affects backbone of domestic power looms industry. So only if US buyers accept present value price, towel mills can survive the present situation.

How does the Group fulfill its corporate social responsibility towards environment and human beings?

Being into field of textiles manufacturing, to us chemicals importing, trading and consuming for production is of course a matter to be dealt with great responsibility. In our operations, we are very conscious towards proper handling of these eco-endangering products; their proper treatment, disposal and sewage.

Our government also is alert on this front. Every production unit has ETP plant without which export permission is not given.

We believe living safe and healthy is human right and we know violating this shall bring disasters to our countrymen and also to worldwide mankind, therefore Bhuiyan Group’s entire business operations are inconformity to CSR norms and ecologically safe production.

Besides, we are active in betterment of society through several charitable schools, trusts, and hospitals etc. Protest against endangering causes to mankind and their rights, is in the blood of Bhuiyans. And as descendants, we have successfully brought it into our business activities too.

Published on: 24/05/2010

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