Interview with Mr. Manohar Samuel

Mr. Manohar Samuel
Mr. Manohar Samuel
President - Marketing
Birla Cellulose
Birla Cellulose

Where do you think is the market for VSF more active in the current stage? Is the demand more in developing countries or is it more in developed countries?

I think its demand is more with consumers all around the world. Demand is great in developing countries as they are the production base for the textile industry. Applications like Women's woven wear, Women's knitwear, dress pants, wipes, furnishing have been exceptional for viscose

I would like to quote one of your previous statements - "Like organic food, eco-fashion will become a movement". What makes you think so?

Eco fashion embodies fashion - the key to clothing business and eco friendliness which cares for our future generation. It is relevant for the present and the future. It will surely be a movement.

Do you think that the current industry for manmade fibers is sustainable enough? Or is there room for more improvement?

Yes, I do think that the current industry for manmade fibres is sustainable enough. It is sustainable for reasons of law and would be more for reasons of being great for future generations. Birla Cellulose is working on traceability for International Brands on the sustainability aspect which gives credibility from cradle to grave.

Is Viscose fashionable as cotton or will the consumers have to compromise on the 'look' factor? How do you rate VSF in terms of comfort?

I would say that viscose and cotton complement each other as much as supplement in a few discernable applications from time to time. They do not give a competition to each other. Fashion and comfort is the key to viscose. Its functional attributes of luster, fluidity, drape, softness endear to consumers.

If Birla Cellulose had to choose something more in terms of fibers other than VSF, what would that be?

As for now, all I would say is that our research and development is continuously researching on fibres which create a good value proposition for consumers and the value chain. We are hoping to have a break through soon which has this value proposition.

What do you think about greenwashing in the global textile industry? Is it rampant all across the globe? Please let me know your views?

I would like to say about our status in terms of green washing. We believe that water is to be conserved and any product or process that facilitates this is welcome in Birla Cellulose. Birla Spundyed Viscose in knits has been a reinvention for this very reason with additional values of color fastness and consistency. We do not indulge in any sort of green washing.
Published on: 03/02/2014

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