Interview with Sanjeev Mukhija

Sanjeev Mukhija
Sanjeev Mukhija
Managing Director

Customer behaviour is moving away from brand loyalties
Breakbounce, the retail brand which is part of Goldenseam Industires Pvt Ltd, is one of the first streetwear brands of India. Sanjeev Mukhija, Managing Director, Breakbounce, discusses the challenges and opportunities in the apparel industry.

What have been the main achievements at Breakbounce in the last few years?

We are the only brand to bring streetwear to the Indian youth. Our design is in sync with international fashion, bringing progressive fashion to the Indian market in styles and designs that are at least two seasons ahead as compared to other brands in a similar category. 
  • We launched our first EBO in Baroda and there are more to come this coming year in key markets. This gives us an edge to directly reach out to our own consumers. 
  • Successfully building a growing community online that thrives by Breakbounce not just for fashion but for an experience. 
  • Brand has built a strong youth connect. 

What has been the growth percentage for the last fiscal?

The growth percentage has been 30 per cent year-on-year.

What is the target set for 2017?

The target for 2017 is ₹100 crore.

Which are the top three steps taken by you to decrease carbon footprint?

The following steps ensure decreased carbon footprint at Breakbounce:
  • Used water from our factory is being recycled to be used in gardens and toilets. 
  • Garment waste is being used to create recycles bags/rags. 
  • Used paper is recycled as well. 

Which are the core areas you are focussing on to boost growth in your niche?

The following are the core areas we are focussing on:
  • Awareness, impact ad engagement of our core TG. 
  • Launch of the brand's own e-commerce. 
  • Scaling the retail footprint through expansion of EBOs to key markets. 
  • Technology integration to product and marketing.

What critical steps must be taken to ensure that India does not miss the bus to emerge as the textile giant it always shows the potential to be?

Government's contribution in waving duties, promoting FDI in the sector and support in creating jobs in this sector can help improve this industry.

What are the major challenges you encountered in the last five years?

The following were the major challenges:
  • Heavy discounting in major e-commerce portals and change in consumer behaviour with respect to pricing. 
  • Extreme clutter in media placements. 
  • Customer behaviour is moving away from brand loyalties. New innovative communication/marketing is a challenge to keep up with what I'd call fast moving consumers now. 

What measures do you take to ensure growth in your niche?

We ensure growth by taking the below measures:
  • Curated fashion lines to keep the consumers at the heart of the all marketing and design initiatives. 
  • Engaging marketing activities. 
  • Tech-integration with marketing efforts and innovation. 
Published on: 14/11/2016

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