Interview with Charles Beauduin

Charles Beauduin
Charles Beauduin

Which are the other areas that will come under sharp focus?

There are a lot of developments in the digital textile printing space. In line with the sector's rapid growth, printing features as a dedicated chapter for the very first time. New digital inkjet printing solutions are driving the transformation of the industry, with advantages such as on-demand manufacturing and customisation. There is also a Digital Textile Conference taking place on November 15 which will be of interest to those looking to tap into this burgeoning sector. Sustainable solutions throughout the entire value chain will be a key point of focus as well. This includes machinery with green features, such as those which use less water or energy, or reduces emissions and wastewater production; and innovative technologies that provide a more sustainable alternative to current processes, such as waterless dyeing and advanced dyestuffs based on biosynthetics. Initiatives at ITMA 2015 underpinning the focus on sustainability include the launch of the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award and rebranding of the Research & Education Pavilion (to Research and Innovation Pavilion), which comprises the Speaker's Platform featuring many papers on the theme of sustainable innovation. At the second World Textile Summit on November 13, the agenda will also be very much focused on sustainable manufacturing and how businesses can create value through a sustainable strategy.

Is the crisis in Europe, especially with reference to the euro, impacting business?

The economic climate continues to be challenging for all businesses, including those in the textiles and garment sector. As a result, textile machinery manufacturers are also negatively affected. Having said that, Europe has a strong engineering tradition and European textile making technologies are world renowned. While 2014 statistics showed a decline in shipments for most textile machinery segments, some such as single heater draw-texturing spindles for polyamide filaments and flat-knitting machines registered an increase. European textile machinery manufacturers who are always working to be ahead of the technology curve will have an edge, coupled by a weaker euro which will make European machinery more attractive for export. Given that a large part of European textile machinery exports is to countries outside the eurozone, a weakening of the euro should help to boost exports.

What other areas related to the entire textile value chain is CEMATEX associated with?

CEMATEX comprises nine national European textile machinery associations, and as such its primary role is to promote and strengthen the textile machinery industry of its member associations. As the owner of ITMA, CEMATEX offers a single platform where providers of textile and garment manufacturing technologies encompassing the entire supply chain can showcase their latest innovations, meet, transact and network with international buyers. It will continue to ensure that the ITMA and ITMA branded exhibitions are quality showcases and relevant to the industry.

Are there any plans to open country-specific editions of ITMA?

ITMA and ITMA branded showcases feature a unique selling proposition that requires all exhibitors to be owners of the technologies they showcase, and to provide live machinery demonstrations to visitors. Hence, it requires substantial investments and resource commitment from our exhibitors to take part in an ITMA exhibition. As such, for the benefit of both buyers and sellers, CEMATEX will continue to put its focus on ensuring that each ITMA or ITMA ASIA showcase is a truly quality exhibition of cutting-edge technologies and solutions.
Published on: 13/11/2015

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