Interview with Massimo Marchi

Massimo Marchi
Massimo Marchi

What are the new types of yarns expected to hit the market this year?

This season, Ecotec will be widening its portfolio range thanks to the introduction of special yarns with counts and styles designed for knitwear production: 
1. Ecotec moulinè and micromoulinè yarns: offering amazing colour effects and precious touch that is always fresh and cool. Considering that Ecotec yarns are not dyed, it is quite a smart look and achievement;
2. Ecotec cable: soft twists for full body hand, authentic touch and amazing colour cards. 
More technology, new applications… these are opening up doors to new Ecotec partners in the market. It is essential to offer brands and designers a wider and interesting choice in terms of Ecotec fabrics.

What are the future plans at Marchi & Fildi to stay sustainable?

We will keep investing in R&D, researching on how to use wastes from the textiles value chain. We are increasingly investing in new machines to reduce the impact, changing the mentality of our co-workers, and pushing them as well to find new ways to impact less. Our cooperation with universities and research institutes will help us have a lead on sustainability and help others go green.

Sustainability is getting more hype. Everyone is not only talking about it just like a few years ago, but things are happening too. 

Brands are demanding sustainable products and the possibility to dispose of their own waste without destroying it. We can do this and are already doing it with some brands- developing new products with them. We expect the next years to be crucial, as more laws are introduced to protect the environment, and buyers become more conscious of what they wear. Many changes will happen, and we are ready for them.

How much research and time went into Ecotec?

We have developed these products in the last 15 years; a lot of time, investment, cooperation and minds went into the creation of the Ecotec yarns. 

Marchi & FIldi is always paying a lot of attention to market trends and needs. Waste recycling has always been on our mind, as a real challenge. During the 1960s, the technology for open-end spinning was developed; in the 1970s, the production of yarns made out of recycled jerseys started, but just for low quality yarns (as the ones for mattress/bedding). Through the last years, Marchi & Fildi, thanks to highly innovative and customised technological processes and precise investment in equipment, R&D resources and in the sorting of pre-consumer 100 percent cotton materials, has been able to not just raise the quality of the yarn, but also introduce a new level of solutions that can perfectly fit into the fashion industry with incredible performance on technical and environmental levels.

How durable is Ecotec when compared to virgin cotton yarns? Do they blend easily with other yarns? Which major brands make use of Ecotec?

Ecotec is already the smart choice of three premium brands:
  • Marimekko is a Finnish design company renowned for its original prints and colours. The company's product portfolio includes high-quality clothing, bags and accessories as well as home décor items ranging from textiles to tableware. Marimekko is always on the lookout for new sustainable materials and the company's target is to increase the share of sustainable cotton and other sustainable materials in its collections. The company's summer 2016 collection included a jersey series called Stripe 15 made with Ecotec yarn from textile industry waste. The company's designer fell in love with the fabric's rough and dry, slightly linen-style feel, and the recycled material was chosen for the collection as it also performed very well in tests.
  • For the SS 2016, Manifattura CBM created a poncho for Eileen Fisher. The fabric is realised in Ecotec Polaris yarn (65 per cent Ecotec, 35 per cent CO). As stated by the brand: "Spun from garments or cutting room scraps, recycled and reclaimed cotton yarns have a speckly, mélanged effect. Their environmental advantage: They eliminate farming, harvesting and ginning, reducing both energy and transportation needs."
  • Recent Ecotec brand adoptions include Jan'n June, the German brand, founded in 2014, whose aim is to offer garments that are fashionable, affordable and environmentally responsible. Produced by a family owned company in Poland, Jan'n June operates a strong transparency policy with printed QR-Codes on the hangtags to give its customers all the key information about fabrics, production values and certification for every garment. The collection for SS '18 has a minimal look with clean cuts using a neutral colour palette as part of this brand's appeal. The designers have used material contrasts as an important feature of the collection, combining flowing fabrics with more rigid, stiffened qualities topped off with light knitwear pieces. A unique piece is a new, bold sweatshirt made with a Tintex fabric that uses Ecotec Smart Cotton by Marchi & Fildi yarn, the only Made in Italy transformed cotton that saves up to 77.9 per cent of water in comparison to conventional cotton.

What technology is used to make Ecotec? Is the yarn and the process patented?

Ecotec by Marchi & Fildi are 100 per cent cotton yarns that can contain up to 80 per cent of transformed material, another advantage in comparison to conventional transformed cotton. Thanks to our exclusive process, the inevitable, left over inventories generated during the production of clothing are gathered and transformed into yarns, naturally reducing waste and, of course, minimising the use of precious virgin resources, while at the same time maintaining the highest quality and efficiency standards. (HO)
Published on: 28/03/2018

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