Interview with Mr Bryan Hanway

Mr Bryan Hanway
Mr Bryan Hanway
China Bambro Textile Company Limited ( BambroTex)
China Bambro Textile Company Limited ( BambroTex)

The invention of Bamboo fibre is an invaluable contribution of mankind towards protection of rare natural resources, and the conservation of environment as well, especially when the industry is fervently attempting to address such issues. China Bambro Textile Company Limited also called BambroTex, is a global leader in application, marketing and services of bamboo fibre. The company is a large-scale supplier of natural, green, and bio-degradable bamboo fibre. Focused on innovation, production of high level quality manmade fibres and best downstream services, BambroTex debuted in 2000, and is the proud introducer of bamboo into textile industry. Its products range includes bamboo fiber, bamboo yarn, and bamboo top. Mr Bryan Hanway is the founder of BambroTex who has completed MBA and posseses sound experience from the textile material industry. During his previous professional career, Mr Hanway has discharged responsibilities in varied positions like Sales, Management, Human Resources etc. These experiences have helped Mr Hanway build BambroTex business successfully. His dexterity at manufacturing in textile material industry makes him a proud introducer of bamboo fiber materials into this exciting sector. In Face2Face, Mr Bryan Hanway discusses about Bamboo textiles, its market potential and most promising areas, geographically.

Can you share more about BambroTex and its operations?

BambroTex as the leading manufacturer of textile raw materials that specializes in the research, development and application of the innovative eco-friendly textile material. Bamboo fiber has created a niche in the field of green natural fibers for textile industries. The year (2000) we set up our production line, we intrpduced bamboo into textile industry. We focus on innovation, manufacturing of the natural, green, and bio-degradable bamboo fibers.

In 2002, we established our bamboo yarns production line. Now, there are common ring spun yarns line and compact yarns lines.

We keep enhancing characteristics of these fibers in order to offer our customers a comprehensive range with relevant advantages.

What is your products range and related applications?

Bamboo products with unique characteristics of being anti-bacterial, extremely soft, highly absorbing, anti-UV etc. are warmly welcomed by the markets worldwide.

Now, to meet the current market requirements, we mainly produce bamboo fibers of 1.33dtex x 38mm and 1.56dtex x 38mm. In bamboo yarns, we offer range from Ne10 to Ne50 100 percent bamboo. In blended yarns, we have 70 percent bamboo/30 percent cotton yarns.

We can also arrange to customized products to suit customer requirement.

Due to its intrinsic characteristics of being anti-bacterial and extremely soft, bamboo textile products are used in close skin cloth, intimates, T-shirt, socks and also beddings etc.

Can you please elaborate beneficial and detrimental characteristics of Bamboo Fiber?

Bamboo fiber is made from well-selected quality bamboo grown in Sichuan Province. They are chosen from 3-4 year old bamboo plants of fresh harvest, thus to ensure good characteristics and ideal properties. The entire process is pollution free. As a kind of specially profiled fiber, bamboo fiber textile is manufactured through high-tech processes. It is truly natural and eco-friendly fiber that has following main characteristics:

-Naturally anti-bacterial: Scientists found that bamboo owns a unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostasis bio-agent named ‘bamboo kun’. This substance combines tightly with bamboo cellulose molecules during the process of being transformed into fiber.

-Green & Bio-degradable: Bamboo fiber is biodegradable textile material. Being a natural cellulose fiber, it is cent percent biodegradable in soil with the help of microorganisms and sunshine. During decomposition process too, it does not cause any pollution or harm to the environment. ‘Bamboo fiber comes from nature, and returns completely back to the nature, in the end’.

-Breathable, Soft and Cool: What is notable of bamboo fiber is its atypical breath ability and coolness. Because the cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, it has much better moisture absorption and ventilation capacity. With its unparalleled micro-structure, bamboo fiber apparel can absorb and evaporate sweat in split second. Just like cool breeze, garments made from bamboo fibers make people feel extremely cool and comfortable during hot summers. Garments do not stick to the skin even in sultry climate.

-In addition, bamboo products possess characteristics like Anti-UV and highly absorbent.

Bamboo fiber is a green bio-degradable fiber whose manufacture does not involve any chemical processing, which consequently leads to weakening its fibre strength. Hence, bamboo fibers cannot meet the strong strength application requirements.

What is the current market size? Geographically, which countries do you see the most promising ones?

Bamboo fiber as the green healthy textile product is welcomed by customers from all parts of the world.

Its consumption is increasing rapidly, currently. We produce an enormous quantity; about 3000 tons per month, yet cannot meet the global market demands.

Main markets for baboo textiles comprise the USA, the EU and Asia. We foresee the South American and South African countries to be quite potential for bamboo materials in terms of consumption, also.

How do you see future prospects of Bamboo Textiles?

Today, entire world is talking about healthy, green, natural products for consumption in everyday life. Therefore, bamboo as a natural product with antibacterial feature will be certainly appreciated by all.

Moreover, BambroTex will strive to offer best products through its innovative research and developments processes and offer support to third-party authorization and Chinese Government in order to promote and popularize bamboo textiles globally.

How about related environmental issues? Shall the growth of bamboo textile industry not affect environment in long run?

As we have discussed already, the process for bamboo fibres production involves zero risk in terms of pollution or similar threats. Moreover, at company level, with infrastructural advancement and modern factories as well as high tech equipments, we ensure non-polluting production.

Bamboo harvest is plentiful and beyond imagination, particularly in Sichuan Province of China. Thus, resources here are not exhaustible and it seems to be in plenty even in future too, for bamboo can grow very fast without any fuss or extra-care that will ensure sustained production.

Besides, our factory and production line have met international standards and norms of global environment organizations such as OEKO that enables responsible textile production.

Published on: 20/08/2007

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