Interview with Jeff Bowman

Jeff Bowman
Jeff Bowman
Cocona / 37.5 Technology
Cocona / 37.5 Technology

37.5 technology increases human performance
Cocona provides customers with innovative, branded and proprietary technologies that increase the performance, comfort, and value of their products. CEO Jeff Bowman tells Fibre2Fashion about the company's cutting edge 37.5 technology that claims to improve human performance.

What is the significance and relevance of 37.5 as number? The comfort level of the body differs depending upon the climate, doesn't it?

Number 37.5 represents both optimum human comfort and human performance. Human comfort is tied to relative humidity next to your skin, relative humidity (RH) between 25 per cent and 50 per cent is an expression that your body is in thermal balance and 37.5 per cent represents the midpoint of this range. Human performance is tied to your core temperature; your optimum performance happens when your core temperature is at 37.5°C.

What is the USP of Cocona technology?

Cocona's patented 37.5 technology is the only comfort technology that has been scientifically proven to increase human performance. It is the only technology that adds value to all layers of clothing, bedding and footwear.

How does Cocona contribute to sustainability and environment protection?

Our particles are all naturally derived from either volcanic sands or activated carbon that comes from recycled coconut shells. Our technology reduces (30 per cent) energy and time required to launder and dry products, including towels and bedding. Otherwise, we have a limited impact on sustainability and environmental protection because of how our technology is used and the fact that we don't actually manufacture products ourselves.  We are actively involved on a political level in the protection of public lands here in the States.

There is great emphasis on technology and its characteristics and application; there is plenty of information on your website. What about your reach, communication & marketing strategy?

Our overall marketing strategy is to identify and attempt to partner with category and thought leaders across a broad range of products and markets, trading some level of exclusivity for broad incorporation of the technology into their product assortments and a commitment to tell the 37.5 story in all of their marketing communications. Cocona also invests substantially to tell the 37.5 story, first to the trade and now to consumers. Most of the marketing investments till date have been focused on the US market as it is typically the most influential world market with respect to new technologies.  

Where are the solutions manufactured? Do you have factories in US or outside? How is your presence in Asia?

Although we are intimately involved in every aspect of production, Cocona manufactures nothing.  We license the technology to manufacturers and enforce strict quality requirements and testing protocols to ensure compliance throughout the supply chain, from particle production to finished garments. Cocona has the base technology produced in the States in order to control quality and protect our IP. We have no plans to move base technology manufacturing out of US, and this technology is tightly held even within the company. The base technology is then shipped to fibre and yarn manufacturers around the world including the US, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Turkey, El Salvador, India and South Korea. Cocona employees two people in Asia, about 10 per cent of our workforce.
Published on: 26/06/2017

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