Interview with Joakim Staberg

Joakim Staberg
Joakim Staberg

Coloreel enables high-quality instant colouring of textile threads
Coloreel has successfully developed Embroline, an attachment for embroidery machines, which dyes threads in real time. The founder and innovator of Coloreel, Joakim Staberg, spoke to Fibre2Fashion about this new technology and its potential for the embroidery sector.

What is the growth story of Coloreel?

Coloreel AB is an innovative company based in Sweden driven by entrepreneurship with a clear focus to develop products and software based on the Coloreel technology for the textiles industry.
I founded the company Inventech Europe (parent company of Coloreel) in Jönköping, Sweden in 2003. My initial aim for Inventech was to help large corporations improve their products and businesses through technical solutions. Major research and work was made in a number of areas, including the textiles industry. Seeing the large amount of different coloured thread reels needed in various types of textile production, I came up with the idea of instantly dyeing a thread to any chosen colour while it is being used in a production process. Further research identified many limitations and significant improvement potential for production processes using pre-dyed textile threads. In mid-2009, a decision was made to dedicate all company resources solely to the development of innovative thread dyeing solutions for the textiles industry. That is how Coloreel company was born.

What is the Embroline technology all about?

The unique Coloreel technology enables high-quality instant colouring of textile threads while the thread is being used in textile production. Many of these functions are similar to the functions in a textile printer. Each and every part of the thread length can be dyed into any chosen solid colour or smooth transitions between colours. These unique possibilities open up quite an amazing potential. The first product to be launched based on this technology is Embroline, a ground-breaking standalone thread colouring attachment for embroidery machines that can easily be used with any type of embroidery machine without modifications. By instantly dyeing only one single thread (Embroline thread) instead of several standard pre-coloured threads during the embroidery production, it allows complete freedom to create unique embroidery designs as well as colouring possibilities never seen before and vastly improves overall production efficiency.

What are the major advantages of Embroline?

The Embroline attachment offers a solution to some of the greatest challenges in the embroidery industry. Requiring only one reel of thread per embroidery head and ink cartridge, Embroline will take the industry to a new level. The challenging handling of a large stock of thread reels and the tedious rethreading of the embroidery machines may soon be nothing but a memory. Embroline vastly improves overall production efficiency. The benefits of Embroline are immense. Embroidery manufacturers will always have exactly the right colour available when they need it. The only materials required are the Embroline base thread and ink cartridges. No spool replacement means minimal wastage. The reduced need for thread cuts means a minimum of lockstitches on the back of the textile and a higher embroidery quality along with increased production speed. The Coloreel technology is a completely new and different approach, allowing the user to produce a thread with any number of solid colours and/or soft transitions in any lengths and repetitions.
Published on: 11/04/2017

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