Interview with Sudhir Shenoy

Sudhir Shenoy
Sudhir Shenoy
Dow India
Dow India

What are the plans of Dow in specialty chemicals for textiles in India?

Textiles is one of the key segments for specialty chemicals in India. Another area of focus where we have global expertise and competitiveness is microbial control - the solutions in this area also apply to the textiles sector. One of the key products in this portfolio is Silvadur Antimicrobial technology for apparel. Our focus is on developing advanced forms of Silvadur for specialty applications that would give us an opportunity in this diversified market segments. This application development is taking place at one of our labs in Kalwa, Mumbai, which is well equipped to collaborate with customers not only in India, but across the world.

How is Silvadur Antimicrobial different from other products currently in the market?

Today, Silvadur Antimicrobial is one of the highest performing and most sustainable antimicrobial products in the market. Silvadur has an edge compared to all other products in India, because of its innovative composition, functionality and cost effectiveness. It's designed with an intelligent, silver-ion-based control mechanism that delivers its properties with no free silver. This is much different from typical silver particle systems, where a lot of uncontrolled silver is wasted during the application process and also released into the environment. This is also a significant competitive advantage. In addition, the polymeric nature of Silvadur gives it long-term durability and the ability to withstand wear and tear and abrasion during the normal lifecycle of many textile products. Silvadur Antimicrobial's advanced mode of action is both chemical and biological. It's fully compatible with moisture management systems and chemicals and dyeing agents. Another important distinction is that it can be collected, reused, and recycled. As we look at its performance profile, we're confident Silvadur Antimicrobial can deliver reliable, long-term performance to fibre producers, apparel and textile manufacturers, and brand owners.

India has emerged as a testing bed for innovations in product, service, marketing, but are these innovations finding their way back to other markets? Can you give us specific examples of experiments on strategy for growth that were first tried out in India, as a test case, before being rolled out in more mature markets?

At Dow, our focus is on innovating in India, for India, and reaching the masses in a significant way. One of the key strategies for us has been customising existing solutions for the Indian market. We have three application centres that solely focus on India-specific customised solutions, which target not only high-end products up in the value chain, but also simple mass-scale products such as bar soaps, where we have brought immense innovation and value.
Published on: 21/04/2015

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