Interview with Mr Pierre Wiertz

Mr Pierre Wiertz
Mr Pierre Wiertz
General Manager

Strong markets would be-

Asia remains a very strong market for the global nonwovens and related industries; however, we remain interested, and work closely with businesses across Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

And, areas of challenges? How will Europe fight out competition from low cost countries?

Potential restrictive legislation and trade regulations remain an issue for businesses within the nonwoven industry, and are one of the areas where our assistance as a trade association can have a most profound effect.

In addition, our industry has growing concerns of overcapacity and low profitability. In addition, more investors throughout the world are entering into or considering the nonwovens business with its seemingly higher than average growth rates. Current conditions of transportation costs, however, do not appear to favour big shifts of roll-goods production from one continent to another (although more labour-intensive converting operations may draw the whole supply chain to where these are cheapest). Anyhow, to compete in long-term, European nonwovens companies must concentrate their efforts more heavily on innovation, product differentiation and service.

On technology front, which all future trends do you see working closely with nonwovens?

Nanotechnology and new ways of allowing companies to make products that work in the way and how the consumer wants them to; are trends that may have a potential influence on our industry and the goods it produces.

However, of greater importance to businesses right now is the way in which existing technology is combined to make the best of what technologies are available today. This hybridization can best be seen in the combination of spun melt and spun lace technologies.

Which all activities has EDANA undertaken to foster nonwovens industry via trade fairs and events?

EDANA both organizes its own, and participates in a significant number of external events across EMEA, Asia and the Americas, to deliver education and knowledge to the industry, and to provide a forum for businesses to meet and interact with each other.

For example, the Filtrex 2010 conference and exhibition, held in Cologne, Germany from the 13th to 14th of October supports the expected market growth for filtration, and will cover those themes relevant to the industry, including new filter media technologies, market trends, automotive, air, liquid and gas filtration, water treatment, and emission controls and legislation.

The association is the sponsor of INDEX, the world’s leading nonwovens exhibition, next edition of which, INDEX 11, will take place from 12-15th April 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.

How does EDANA ensure its members’ compliance with ecology & environmental concern?

The EDANA Board has clearly established Sustainability as one of its key area of strategy and action. The recent Summary Report and review of EDANA's Approach to Sustainability illustrates one step in our objective to develop a Sustainability Strategy for EDANA, to coordinate sustainability related activities of Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces within the association, and to guide members through the promotion of “Good Sustainability Practice” and effective communication.

We are committed not only to address the challenges that have been identified, but also to continue to submit the next steps of our action programme, and hopefully, our next achievement of a continual examination and dialogue with experts and stakeholders.

Published on: 26/07/2010

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