Interview with Mr Edward Yihua Kang

Mr Edward Yihua Kang
Mr Edward Yihua Kang
Chairman & CEO
Ever-Glory International Group Inc
Ever-Glory International Group Inc

Mr Kang, with a vast spread regionally, Ever-Glory has known industry from close. Do you think there remain some hindrances overcoming which apparel industry in China can better its performance?

For wholesale domain we see Ever-Glory not only engaged in supply chain management, but also aims to provide high value-added service with our fashion innovation concepts. We find working with high value-added operations particularly difficult as it requires a substantial initial investment of capital, while many other suppliers were able to expand market with low prices. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that our efforts will pay off and we will become stronger in 1- 2 years.

In Retail, compared with international retailers that have set foot in China’s market, we are more intimate with the Chinese culture, which further strengthens our advantage. Compared with local retailers, we have unparalleled international resources (knowledge and experience of international fashion trends and effective integration of global resources of talents, raw material, sourcing network).

So, do you also see recession rewriting sourcing patterns?

Yes. We have been choosing new source partners and expanding our sourcing network. We intend to cut sourcing costs while maintaining our product quality to meet our clients’ needs.

Any possibility of recovery in economies in shorter term? If positive about this, how would you anticipate the movements in recovering market?

China’s garment industry faces serious overcapacity and many companies will adjust their capacity to match the demand. We believe the industry is likely to stabilize and turnaround in the second half of 2010.

Today, European apparel industry is buzzing with word ‘automated production’ in garments. Would it be a threat for Chinese apparel makers?

Automated production brings opportunities as well as challenges to China’s garment industry. Technology provides the most effective way to reform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry like the textile and garment industry. Automated production can reduce reliance on human intervention, and thus can reduce human error. Ever-Glory has implemented lean production systems and utilized various gadgets and processes to reduce defect rate, and ultimately increase product efficiency.

Ending the talk here with thanks for your time and insightful comments, we would lastly request you to apprise us about the stress given on ethical-environment safe productions at Ever-Glory.

Ever Glory has been taking various measures to ensure full compliance with environmental protection in all aspects of production - product design, material selection, technical selection and production. For example, Ever-Glory has been focusing on energy saving and reducing emissions, waste water treatment. Besides, Ever-Glory has set up a material (raw material and subsidiary materials) testing center. Due to our strict quality control and testing process, all our products met environmental requirements.

Published on: 26/10/2009

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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