Interview with Fabio Locatelli

Fabio Locatelli
Fabio Locatelli
Head of BU Textile Specialities
ERCA Group
ERCA Group

ERCA is really expanding its market in Asia
ERCA, an Italy-based chemical company serving various industries including textiles, is planning an expansion in the Asian market. It already marks a presence in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Fabio Locatelli, Head of BU Textile Specialities at ERCA Group talks about the textile chemicals and colouring industry with

What are the challenges facing the textile colouring and chemicals industry globally with respect to environment and sustainability issues?

The challenges facing the global textile chemicals and colouring industry are: 1. To continue research for innovative solutions which can improve the quality of life and at the same time is more respectful to the environment. 2. Final processes about dyeing and finishing is the key for quality-technical /aesthetic / sustainability-but these values at the moment are still unknown as they are not communicated.

Which countries offer you the maximum returns?

Italy for sure, as textile is really important there. So. it is still the most relevant country for ERCA's business.

Which countries are you exploring for business?

With a new production plant in Malaysia, ERCA is really expanding its market in Asia.

Which are your newest products, and what are your future plans?

For ITMA, we showcased our greatest innovation-React Evo. Also, we launched our latest innovation-One Tone in co-operation with Roica by Asahi Kasei-the premium stretch yarn. React Evo is a simple and efficient process based on a radically new post-treatment concept in dyeing with reactive dyestuffs. It allows a drastic reduction in energy consumption and water volumes, significantly cutting the total treatment time. Comparative results and colourfastness metrics exceed even the best achievements of today's standard processes. The sustainability benefit is outstanding. React Evo allows energy savings of up to 70 per cent, water savings of up to 50 per cent, and processing time of up to 20 per cent. All React Evo auxiliaries are confirmed compliant with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements and all are Bluesign approved. ERCA, in collaboration with Asahi Kasei, the multinational Japanese manufacturer has created a new dyeing process: One Tone. It is the result of a study to dye Asahi Kasei's Roica Colour Perfect-a unique, innovative and fully dyeable premium stretch yarn which can offer great tone-on-tone colour depth, an imperceptible matt aspect that can be used for the first time to match dye with all major fibres such as cellulose, nylon, wool and silk. One Tone achieves the best result in terms of dyeability, colour strength and colour fastness, while being an environment-friendly and safe process that is Bluesign approved.

What is the budget allocated towards R&D?

ERCA has dedicated approximately 3 per cent of its turnover to R&D.

How did your last fiscal year turn out, and what are your expectations from the next two fiscals?

ERCA had a turnover of €140 million in 2014. But with new investments in Asia, ERCA expects to increase its turnover by 5-7 per cent in the next two years.
Published on: 30/12/2015

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