Interview with Pinkesh Jain

Pinkesh Jain
Pinkesh Jain
Everflow Petrofils Ltd.
Everflow Petrofils Ltd.

What market trends do you foresee for eco-friendly yarns?

The yarn products manufactured by EPL are environment-friendly, and are produced with an ethical conscience. EPL's long-term philosophy is to strive for environmental sustainability, to efficiently utilise limited natural resources, and to cut down CO2 emissions while providing its core recycled yarn. Our yarns are used by big brands worldwide. Some European countries have started adopting recycled fabrics for all uniforms. We believe eco-friendly yarns will capture 35 per cent of the total textile industry in the coming years, and will help reduce a lot of consumption of purified terepthalic acid (PTA) and mono ethylene glycol (MEG) uses for MMF. It will help the economies of every country worldwide. It will also encourage competition in the low-priced markets for exports to Africa and so on. We believe that in a few years, EPL will be named as the leading company for reuse and recycle.

Which are your majorly expanding markets and by what percentage?

In India, we have already captured 35 per cent of total recycling yarns. Our Chinese factories are supplying all over the world. Our new target markets are Bangladesh, Egypt, and other countries in Africa.

What is the competition like both within the country and outside?

The Chinese government has given good rebates for exporting textile products to that country. Their interest rates are low as compared to India. Government lands and buildings there can be obtained on rent for cheap. This is the reason that the Chinese are cheaper than Indians. India needs infrastructure, expressways for fast transportation, easy custom clearance, and also funds' availability from bankers.
Published on: 04/02/2015

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