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Aldo Liguori
Aldo Liguori
Global Director - PR
Fast Retailing
Fast Retailing

Uniqlo sources majority of its products from manufacturing partners across Asia
Uniqlo, a reputed apparel retail store, has a presence in 16 countries. Senior officials are working hard on expansion plans. Aldo Liguori, the global director - PR of Fast Retailing shares insights on the operations of Uniqlo, its current market and industry and recent sales with Mary Christine Joy.

Where does Uniqlo source most of its products from?

Uniqlo sources a majority of its products from manufacturing partners across Asia. We maintain a relatively small number of long-term partners, with whom we work closely on a relationship of trust to ensure the best possible end product.

Where is Uniqlo's biggest market?

Uniqlo's largest market for sales remains its home base, Japan. However, a majority of Uniqlo's growth is overseas. It is the dominant player in Greater China and Korea, and is growing rapidly across 15 countries and regions worldwide. Uniqlo is in 16 countries worldwide currently, including Japan.

Ebola is a global threat. How can the global retail sector help in its prevention and cure?

Globalisation means that we are all fundamentally connected. As a responsible global player, Uniqlo is providing emergency aid from our Clothes for Smiles program, established in 2012, to deliver hopes and dreams to the children who shape our future. It is our sincere hope that this helps children in Ebola-affected areas of West Africa.

The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) enables Japan to import textile raw materials duty-free from India. How do you expect it to shape up in the next one year?

It is not our place to comment on political decisions. We are a global manufacturer and retailer of quality apparel.

Did Mr. Tadashi Yanai discuss the outcome of his interaction with PM Modi with some of you senior officials? Could you share some insights?

Worldwide, Uniqlo is looking to develop full-fledged, efficient operations in each individual country or region in which we operate. It is also considering how to best penetrate new markets including India.

How did the Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales turn out for you across various regions of the world?

As our global expansion accelerates, Uniqlo aims to balance the best global practices with a localized approach to suit the specific needs of customers in each of the unique markets we operate in. We have taken this approach with our sales campaigns specific to each of our markets, and we are confident that it will resonate with our customers. Thanksgiving and Black Friday have just begun in the United States, and we anticipate positive customer response.

What trends have you noticed across your stores for winterwear?

So far, we have seen strong sale of our popular items, such as our cashmere sweaters, Ultra Warm Heattech tops and bottoms and Ultra Light Down jackets. We believe this trend will continue as the season becomes colder. Our winter products, in fact, are even popular in areas that are warm year-round, such as Singapore and Malaysia. They are picked up by visitors who travel to cold countries during this time of the year.Some items such as our sweaters and Heattech products are also popular for heavily air conditioned indoor environments.
Published on: 12/12/2014

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