Interview with Sevket Cankoy

Sevket Cankoy
Sevket Cankoy
Filadora Textiles
Filadora Textiles

Do you check how sustainable the manufacturers are when you source the fabrics?

The brands are very conscious about sustainability in the textiles industry. They shoulder utmost responsibility with international audit companies. Today, most brands make it obligatory for suppliers to have certain certificates. As a part of the supply chain, traders too prefer to work with manufacturers having those certificates. Therefore, export-oriented manufacturers naturally reach a certain level.

Annually, how many meters of fabric do you buy and what percentage is sold off?

We are buying fabrics or getting them produced based on customer orders. For this reason, we cannot talk about a sold-off percentage. Filadora is dealing with an average of 10 million metres of fabric - all product categories combined. Among these, there are fabrics that we buy for ourselves and there are fabrics that are shipped directly to customers.

What type of denim is in demand the most?

The type of product varies a lot, depending on the addressed market and season. For instance, shirting denims were bought and sold in huge volumes in the past couple of years. But now, the volume has decreased. For some markets, slubby denims are in demand; whereas for other markets, plain look is still more desirable. The only common point is that rigid denims are losing their market share and stretch fabric dominates all fashion categories.

What are the trends in fabric that are likely to prevail next summer and winter?

(i) Power stretches with even higher elasticity are already in the market, but they are going to take more share; (ii) bi-stretches, (iii) soft blends having rayon, modal, lyocell, miyabi. .

What has been your percentage growth in the last two years and what is the target set for the next two?

Despite difficulties and government efforts to reduce textile imports, Filadora has achieved exponential growth since it was established. But, 2015 has been quite tough due to worldwide economic conditions and Turkey's political situation. Without stability in our country and in neighbouring countries, it's difficult to talk about sound targets.
Published on: 25/06/2015

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