Interview with Mr Joao Manuel Dotti

Mr Joao Manuel Dotti
Mr Joao Manuel Dotti
Chairman & CEO

Globally, what is market scenario of synthetics fiber?

Very complicated, especially for the acrylic sector in view of the extremely high prices of its raw materials that cuts down the competitiveness of the acrylic fiber towards polyester and cotton.

Please elaborate the ethos behind six C’s mentioned in the presentation of your Company’s website?

Six C’s mean: Competence, Cooperation, Communication, Celerity, Credibility and Consistence. FISIPE’s number one characteristic as a company is its flexibility and its innovation and development capacity, which is evident in the diversity of products that we offer to the market.

What are your views on market potential and upcoming trends in technical textiles?

The technical textiles market shows a great potential and is the right track to follow for every textile company of the industrialized world.

How would you express your concern for rise in crude oil prices, and what will help FISIPE to maintain an upper hand on the market share?

As I already mentioned, the current price levels of the oil and other petrochemical products are our greatest concern and the only way to resist them is to make higher added value products, namely for technical applications.

If we talk about challenges, what all issues would you point out particularly for European synthetic fiber industry?

The synthetic fibers industry in Europe will continue to diminish, as happened in the United States. The future remains only in the fibers for technical uses.

Investing on R&D and extension of product portfolio is mainstay for success in the industry. How about R&D division of FISIPE? How tuned is it with the pace of technology?

FISIPE lays its hopes on its R&D Division as well as in its pilot plant. In this activity we have at present about 10% of our total staff and all the members of this team are highly qualified.

To make the world a better place, how well does FISIPE render its responsibilities towards environment protection and CSR?

In 1994 FISIPE voluntarily joined the Responsible Care Program of the European Chemical Industry and has consistent plans for the improvement of its environmental performances, which as a matter of fact is controlled by independent auditors.

Published on: 23/06/2008

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