Interview with Mr Giuseppe Gherzi

Mr Giuseppe Gherzi
Mr Giuseppe Gherzi
Managing Partner
Gherzi Group
Gherzi Group

Well said! There definitely exists an imminent desire amongst players to discover new markets/segments. And my next question is regarding same; globally, which zones can be segmented as settled, emergent, and budding economies. How would they mould future textile industry? How would you rank the significance of consultants in this future industry?

Obviously the developed countries in Europe and the US and Japan are considered ''settled'' in terms of their consumption levels and textile manufacturing activity. The Indian sub continent is certainly emerging and Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia may be regarded as budding. The remarkable characteristic of our industry is that it’s highly dynamic and ever evolving and reinventing itself. And this is what defines the role and importance of consultants.

And, which all impediments, do you think textile industry has in general tapering off its healthy growth?

We are concerned that infrastructural deficiencies in emerging economies and exchange rate volatility are key challenges facing the global textile and clothing industry. A softer but very important dimension of the textile industry is lack of interest among the present generation of entrepreneurs in this industry due to the challenges and low not relatively unattractive profitability.

Do you think market situation shall change by and large once evil episode of crisis is over? What would be repercussions then?

We remain optimistic about the future of the textile and clothing industry. In near future we expect renewed phase of consolidation, re-investment, restructuring, and relocation. We believe catering to domestic demand in emerging economies would assume importance as consumption levels in the traditional countries plateau.

Lastly and most importantly, what innovations or products do you expect to hold sway over the global textiles and apparel industries in the near future?

Airjet spinning, technical textiles, speciality fibres, inkjet printing are perceived as new frontiers of innovation in the textile and fashion industry where we believe considerable scope for development in coming years.

That was indeed a big deal of information, Mr Gherzi! Thank you so much for your valued comments.

Pleasure for me too.

Published on: 07/12/2009

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