Interview with Mr Ashraful Hassan

Mr Ashraful Hassan
Mr Ashraful Hassan
Grameen Knitwear Ltd (Grameen Group)
Grameen Knitwear Ltd (Grameen Group)

..buyer will look for fibre diversification like cotton to semi cellulose fibre, more synthetic and cotton blended..
Grameen Knitwear Limited- a 100% export oriented composite knitwear company located in the Export Processing Zone in Savar in the vicinity of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is the textile arm of well reputed Grameen Group of companies founded by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, recipient of 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. The group owns subsidiaries in diverse areas viz Banking Services, Communications, IT Solutions, Power, Tele-communications, Cyber Services, Rural-Mass Education, and Business Promotion Services. Supplying to Europe majorly, Grameen Knitwear manufactures high quality of different knit fabrics and garments of children, men and women. The fabrics and garments are made of yarn dyed 100% cotton, TC, CVC, Polyester with Lycra etc of various counts. Mr Ashraful Hassan is the Managing Director for Grameen Knitwear Ltd. Academically an Engineer; he has diversified knowledge in textile sector in particularly composite knitwear having wide exposure in the industrial management, export market, labour management and allied areas. Mr Hassan started his professional career with Grameen Bank- the Nobel Peace Prize winning organization in 1984. Due to his 15 years tenure with the Bank, holding various key positions including the Chief of Engineering section, by virtue of that, Mr Hassan ascribes extensive knowledge in construction engineering and extended notable contribution for the infrastructural development of the Grameen Bank. . Besides Grameen Knitwear, Mr Hassan is also MD for Grameen Telecom- engaged in GSM cellular services in rural Bangladesh; Grameen Distribution Ltd- a trading company, and Grameen Fabrics & Fashions Ltd. He is on the Board of Directors of Grameenphone which is the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. In a word with Ms Madhu Soni, Sr Editor & Correspondent- Face2Face, Mr Hassan opines on various vital facets of Bangladesh textile industry today.

Mr Hassan, over the years Grameen Group has created its philanthropist identity. Please share with us a word on the identity it owes to itself in corporate world of textile and garment making.

Grameen Knitwear Limited is a private company limited by shares which is owned by two Grameen family of Companies i.e. Grameen Kalyan and Grameen Fund. These two companies are not for profit company with the aim to maximize the welfare of the poor instead of maximizing profit unlike any other profit earning enterprises.

Grameen knitwear indirectly involved in the process through payment of dividend to its owners whose objectives as explained above are primarily focusing into eradicating the poverty through creating conditions in which the disadvantaged sections of the population may have access to resources.

In addition, we request your views on significance the sector makes in economic survival of your country and fellowmen.

For Bangladesh, the Garments sector lays the golden eggs for over 30 years.

This sector is the country's leading export revenue earning sector and has had far reaching implications for the society and the economy of Bangladesh.

Today the apparel export sector is a multi billion dollar manufacturing and export industry with over one and a three million workers, mostly female employed in semi skilled and skilled jobs.

What concern would you show on the fact of labor unrest issues that have always been heartache of the industry in Bangladesh?

Labour unrest is one of the biggest threat and impediments against the growth and stability of the industry. In recent past several incidents happened where the agitated labours and the outsiders have caused lots of damages. One of the major factor was wage structure of the worker. From 1st November 2010 the workers are getting new wages declared by the Government.

As such no worker unrest prevails. Government efforts along with the association i.e. BGMEA & BKMEA are always vigilant and keep close monitoring on this issue so that nothing happens beyond control.

Published on: 14/02/2011

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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