Interview with Claudio Grotto

Claudio Grotto
Claudio Grotto
President & Founder
Grotto spa-GAS
Grotto spa-GAS

Denim has always been integral part of apparel industry and will continue to be so.
Claudio Grotto, Founder and President of Grotto spa-GAS, talks about role of denim in the industry, with Fibre2Fashion correspondent Manushi Gandhi. Synopsis: GAS is a brand of Grotto spa which makes and sells clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. It was launched in 1970's in Chiuppano (Vicenza), in the heart of North-East Italy. Today it is spread in many regions across the world with a particular focus on Europe and the Far East. Claudio Grotto, aged 65 years is the founder and president of Grotto spa-GAS. After completion of his military service, he started to follow public relations and represented various bands. Initially he took over the family business dealing in men's clothing and accessories. At present his company designs, produces and distributes in more than 50 countries. Excerpts:

How well has been denim accepted in Asian markets?

The Asian markets are flourishing and as the economy stabilizes, we are expecting an increase in demand for retail. As this sector evolves rapidly and becomes more competitive, retailers are now recognizing the significance of meeting consumer demands. Denim has been accepted very well in the Asian market over years and still growing strong for existing brands, while many new brands have entered the developing Asian markets like India in last few years especially post FDI. Denim as a product has been accepted extremely well by the customers because of the durability & fashionability which can go with casual to semi formal looks.

What was the condition of denim 5 years back and what is its status today?

There has been phenomenal change and progress in denim market over last 5 years. Customers today are more experimental and accepting the kind of fits and washes which were challenging earlier there by creating huge opportunities in the market. Skinny fits are the bestseller fits across most of the denim brands for men which used to be regular fit earlier. Boot cuts keeps coming back in trend, while Carrot fits are the new trend especially in Jogg Jeans. In terms of colors, men today are more open in trying the pop colors like blue, red, green yellow etc. In women, skinny & jeggings are the bestsellers across, which used to be slim & boot-cuts earlier, while many fashion forwards also prefer fashion fits like Boyfriend & Jogg Jeans. Colors & printed jeggings are the hotsellers, while trends are changing to reversible Jeggings, which gives women flexibility of creating two different looks out of the same pair of denim.

How do you define high quality denim? What factors need to be kept in mind while producing this?

In our opinion high quality denim is the one in which washes and treatments represent a perfect balance between innovation and craftsmanship. Some of the industry’s most advanced and innovative processes and manual techniques underscore the authentic flavor and real used look of these pieces. Every season we dedicate Denim Atelier project to fans of the blue canvas. A capsule collection of premium denim originating in the Artisanal Room, the company’s research and development laboratory, that expresses the quality of the fabrics and innovation in washes and processes to their maximum potential: the excellence of denim, the brand’s soul and DNA. Making up this range for SS ’14 - that we just presented during the last edition of international tradeshows like Pitti Uomo in Florence - are the100% Made in Italy pieces with stitching and details inspired by the Italian flag that emphasize their provenance, and the Selvedge Denim range in prized selvedge canvas woven on reduced height traditional shuttle looms. Details on the Selvedge range are given meticulous attention: selvedge details on belt loops and the pockets, Chesterfield leather labels and buttons, bindings and inside pockets that reiterate the color. A pure gold rivet underscores the exclusivity of the piece.

Denim means a long-established thick blue fabric. Please comment.

Things have evolved enormously since denim was just a strong, thick, blue fabric used by the workers of the docks thanks to its durability. Nowadays denim is a sophisticated fabric that comes in a huge variety of tones, from blue in all its tones to black, grey, not to mention all the colours of bull denim, and constructions. One of the aspects that have evolved mostly is the one of comfort: ultra stretch, super light fabrics for a second skin effect without renouncing to the tough, gritty, authentic look given by washes and treatments. The best example of this evolution is our bestseller, our jegging that accompanies and enhances the women’s curves with a 100% denim look.
Published on: 18/07/2013

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