Interview with Marino Garosi

Marino Garosi
Marino Garosi
Founding Partner, President, Board Member
Gruppo Fulgar S.p.A
Gruppo Fulgar S.p.A

Fulgar aims to reinforce denim and sportswear sectors
Marino Garosi, founding partner and currently president and board member of Gruppo Fulgar SPA, has specialised in the mechanics and technology of texturising and covering stretch yarns, developing and producing innovations in applied technologies. Here he talks to Fibre2Fashion.com about the company's ongoing activities and future plans.

What, in your estimate, would be the size of the textured yarn market globally?

Even if is difficult to have a precise evaluation, from available information, we can assert that the global retail value of the textured yarn market is around € 300 billion and represents approximately 4.3 per cent of global family consumption.

Who are the major players in this segment?

The most relevant growth rhythms in the textured yarn market are in those areas where the combined effect of population growth and per capita consumption are more relevant, and therefore China and South-East Asiatic nations. The US market is one of the most important for the textured yarn market (about € 300 billion). Despite all the problems connected to stagnation, the European community still remains the most important market for textile and clothing.

What are the new products likely to hit the market in terms of textured yarns?

There is no single "best selling" product in our offer. Our range covers a series of quality eco-sustainable products with a high innovative content sold in all textile sectors. Among these, the new Pulsar and Space 3.0 "melange" pattern yarns have enjoyed great success in sport clothing applications. However Italy, with its 'Made in Italy' values and skills, is still Fulgar's most important market.

What is the type of R&D that you undertake to innovate on yarns?

R&D has a key role in Fulgar: avant-garde technologies, the constant attention to the client, the continuous study of raw material and the active collaboration with the main universities guarantee more and more innovative and sustainable products.

What is the budget outlay for R&D in your organisation?

In the last 10 years, about 10 per cent of turnover has been reinvested in renewal of technology in production, thus guaranteeing better human resources on the market, and creating a network of reliable technical assistance than can immediately respond to customer requirements.

How different is Lycra and its various types from Emana?

Fulgar decided to establish two partnerships, with Invista Group and Rhodia Group. Both fibres give to all Fulgar products an additional value. The company is the exclusive distributor of Invista for Europe and Turkey for these brands: Lycra Fibre, Lycra T400, Elaspan Fibre. It was in 2012 that Fulgar signed a partnership with Rhodia-Solvay Group becoming exclusive producer and distributor of Emana fibre mainly in Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

Who are your competitors and what steps do you take to keep ahead of them?

In strategic terms, the company is focusing more on products that can provide what clients really want, on the basis of collaborations. This strategy is carried out through collaboration with the brands and companies that Fulgar is involved with. The challenge for the next couple of years is to combine the constant research into cutting-edge yarns with our intense emphasis on eco-sustainability and environmental security.

Which are the markets that you cater to mostly and which new markets are you exploring?

Traditionally, the most relevant markets for Fulgar are the Italian, European and Turkish ones. Other markets of interest for the near future will be Sri Lanka and Far East countries. In terms of applications, the aim of Fulgar is to reinforce denim and sportswear sectors.
Published on: 07/10/2015

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