Interview with Dilip Kapur

Dilip Kapur
Dilip Kapur
Founder & Chairman

What has been the growth story at Hidesign in the last two years? What is the target set for the next two years?

The last two years have been particularly busy as it delivered several 'firsts'. For instance, we unveiled the footwear collection for men and women; the sunglasses were launched and also started offering discounts for the first time ever. The brand has also set in place plans for the next five years as the brand has to go beyond bags, the product group with which it is most closely associated. We realise that the biggest hurdle in the development of a brand is to get stuck on one product. Gucci, Louis Vuitton… they all went beyond bags. I do not want Hidesign to be just a bag brand; it has to extend into a lifestyle brand. Over the next two years, the footwear line is expected to contribute 12-15 per cent of the company's turnover.

What are the future plans at Hidesign?

We are looking at brand extensions such as footwear, pens and stationery those appeal to the same consumer base and expanding our airport stores and emphasizing a lot on international expansions. We know and are clear that we need to build a brand and this can happen only if you know your customers and connect with them directly and the best and traditional way of doing it is opening stores.

Do you plan to expand to tier II and tier III cities in India?

We aim to have over a 100 exclusive boutiques in India alone. Aiming for complete market saturation, we will cover all important areas and points, with wider expansion into tier II and tier III cities. We understand the growing demands of the consumer in various and upcoming regions of India, the upwardly mobile and discerning in its taste.

How do you incorporate sustainability in production and in your products at Hidesign?

Hidesign is natural and does not cover its leathers with layers of pigments and paint or emboss it with artificial patterns to hide defects in low quality materials. Nor does Hidesign use electroplated steel or zinc fittings that do not age well. It believes in the highest ecological values and is a leader in research on using vegetable extracts from seeds and barks for tanning to replace heavily polluting chemicals.
Published on: 05/08/2016

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