Interview with Carmen Ghituleasa

Carmen Ghituleasa
Carmen Ghituleasa
General Director
National R&D Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP)
National R&D Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP)

Romania yet to apply circular economy concept to textile-leather domain
The National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP) in Bucharest was established in 1996 by merging the textile and leather-footwear research institutes. INCDTP engages in research, development and innovaton (RDI) activities having a fundamental and application-based approach for small and micro production, and consultancy. The institute also provides technical assistance services, laboratory investigation and testing, quality management, certification and inspection, editing and publishing of literature. General director Carmen Ghituleasa describes in detail the research activities and projects under study at the institute.

What broad topics does the institute conduct research on?

INCDTP is a dynamic and flexible player on national and international level, addressing multidisciplinary researches in niche areas. It is the only institute in Romania that has expertise and R&D facilities for textiles, clothing and leather processing (TCL), with a 65-year-old history and 150 employees. 

In recent years, the institute's dynamic and comprehensive presence at national and international levels has resulted in the development and promotion of interdisciplinary applied research in the following:
  • Smart textiles and interactive products with tailored properties, for protective applications 
  • Digital technology, 3D simulation, design and anthropometry 
  • Work and safety equipment for different applications
  • Invasive and noninvasive medical devices of high-tech textile materials
  • Environment protection: eco-nano-bio technologies and waste water treatments for a clean production in textile- leather field
  • Information technologies used in textile-leather field 
  • Lifelong learning and retraining for new skills development, studies and strategies for increasing textile, clothing and leather sectorial competitiveness and RDI capacity;
  • Intensifying contacts and partnerships with academia and industry
  • Getting in line with the objectives of the technology platform for textiles and clothing and those of European research area.

What have been the top three research studies and innovations at the institute in the last decade?

It is difficult to select only the three top research studies and innovations in the last decade. I would like to emphasize that research is our main activity and we have expertise in different scientific and industrial fields, related to textile and leather: technical textiles, agriculture, medicine, collagen biomaterials, protective equipment and cultural heritage.

What kind of research activities and events do you offer?

Here is what we offer:
  • Industrial research for the design and execution of new technologies/products for the textile & leather industries and related fields: multifunctional technical articles, protective equipment for risk-level environments, parachuting equipment & systems for personnel and military techniques, paragliders, strategic textiles, performance home textiles, agro-textiles, bio-materials for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, auxiliary products for leather industry and semi-manufactured products with special finishing, components and sano-genetic footwear, laboratory equipment & apparatus
  • Accomplishing new generation of invasive and non-invasive medical devices, having high degree of biocompatibility, based on textile materials designed for general surgery; general biomedical sciences, material technology, composite materials
  • Elaboration of studies and technologies for recovering, recycling and valorisation of textiles, leather and substitutes wastes to obtain intermediary or final products
  • Participation in European projects within specific research programmes FP V, FP VI and FP VII, EUREKA, EraNet-Manunet, EraNet-SIINN, EraNet-Crosstexnet, Erasmus, COST actions, INTERREG IVB, IEE, Interreg EU; bilateral cooperation with Japan, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Cyprus, Austria, China, India and Korea
Testing and consulting:
  • Consultancy in case of disputes, specialised technical assistance, as the testing laboratories are third party laboratories that perform complete laboratory tests for textile and apparel
  • Ecological characteristics, such as heavy metals, amines or pesticides, of textiles and leather products 
  • Elaboration of strategies, diagnosis & forecast studies
  • Other services of specialised technical assistance & consulting
Quality assessment:
  • Quality testing of textile and leather-footwear products: 100 methods for the characterisation of fibres, yarns, woven fabrics, knits, nonwoven, composites, decorative articles, carpets, medical articles; courses and seminars regarding quality management system
  • Harmonisation of Romanian and European standards and elaboration of new standards.
Other services and support:
  • Publishing and editing of special papers, publications and specialty literature like Industria Textila, Revista de Pielarie-Incaltaminte  (The Leather & Footwear Magazine); CNCSIS rated B+, books, manuals, catalogues and dictionaries
  • Organising international conference such as TEX-TEH and ICAMS
  • Organising seminars, workshops and courses, coordinating the Centre of Professional Competence Assessment and Training
  • Memberships within networks, involvement in national scientific and technical associations.

What is your take on circular economy and blockchain? How is the institute working towards providing solutions to the challenges in supply chain?

In Romania, the concept of circular economy is understood but not yet applied in the textile-clothing-leather domain. The research themes addressed within the institute, according to the requests of updating and performance increase of sectors in the textile-leather industry, contribute to the development of a sustainable development strategy of these branches based on innovation and correlated with the main technology trends at the European Union (EU) level. Having always in view its main mission, namely the sustainable development of RDI capacity with the aim of increasing competitiveness of the Romanian TCL sectors, INCDTP offers expertise and services of excellence, remaining open to future collaborative project implementation and ready to join strategic partnerships.
Published on: 05/09/2018

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