Interview with Mr Rory Holmes

Mr Rory Holmes
Mr Rory Holmes
International Nonwovens & Disposables Association [INDA]
International Nonwovens & Disposables Association [INDA]

On April 16, 1968, in New York, The Disposables Association was founded as a non-profit organization of company membership to collect and develop factual information, to provide a legally sanctioned and supervised forum for the industry in which common problems could be discussed and programs to solve them devised. The Association was the first to determine the need for a worldwide event acting as a meeting ground where all levels of the nonwovens industry - users, suppliers, manufacturers - could learn from each other. In July, 1972, the group effected a name change to International Nonwovens & Disposables Association, thus, more accurately reflecting the scope of its interests and the membership it serves. Today, INDA is well known for its conferences, expositions and training courses as well as monitoring government policies affecting the industry while managing issues affecting the industry's worldwide standards and image. Mr Rory Holmes is the President of INDA. Prior to joining INDA, he was Associate Director, Technology Transfer, at the Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center of the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. Mr Holmes pursued a 25-year career with Johnson & Johnson, where he had a series of increasing responsibilities in Operations, Research and Sales & Marketing. He was honored with Hoffmann Award for Research & Development and the Johnson Medal for development and commercialization of the Johnson & Johnson line of Operating Room Gown & Drape fabrics. Mr Holmes is the inventor of record for 6 patents. In 1995, Mr Holmes joined the Sales & Marketing efforts for Chicopee (a division of the Polymer Group Inc), where he had direct responsibility for the Medical, Industrial and APEX businesses. Speaking to Face2Face team, Mr Holmes throws light on broad based definition of Technical Textiles; its applications, and also presents the overview about INDA and its activities in the welfare of non-wovens industry.

Can we start with a brief overview of INDA, about the organization and its core activities?

"INDA is the trade association representing the nonwoven fabrics industry since 1968. It is committed to energetic action on behalf of the nonwovens industry. Throughout the year, our conferences and action-oriented committees bring industry professionals together to explore the most pressing trends and issues in the areas of government relations, technology, marketing and international commerce. INDA then marshals the resources of member companies to make a coordinated response that is prompt, cost-effective and industry-wide. INDA is well known worldwide as a show organizer. IDEA, International Engineered Fabrics Conference and Exposition is the key event and is offered every three years. Also, organized by INDA is the annual event...Filtration. This is the largest Filtration industry event in the world. Furthermore, INDA leads the way in the education of nonwovens by offering training courses in nonwovens and publishing various handbooks on many segments of the industry. "

What is the broad based definition of Technical Textiles?

According to the Textile Terms and Definitions, published by the Textile Institute, the definition is: Textile materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical and performance properties rather than their aesthetic or decorative characteristics.

What are the different applications of technical textiles?

In many areas viz., Agriculture, Automotives, Sporting, Leisure, Geosynthetics, and Food production.

What are the latest innovations taking place in your company?

INDA is organizing a conference and tabletop exhibition to be held in October 2007 in Mumbai, India.

What is the estimated market size for various segments of TT?

INDA does not carry estimated market sizes for technical textiles, however INDA does have extensive market/statistical data on nonwovens.

Do you foresee any overlap between TT and nanotech?

INDA foresees a partial overlap between technical textiles and nanotech.

What according to you is the production costs and scale of a project estimated at if one wants to enter TT field, say for non-wovens, clothings and furnishings?

That is a difficult question to answer. There are many factors that go into production and startup costs. Cost can depend partly on what markets a company wants to enter, whether they wish to be machinery supplier, an end product manufacturer, raw material supplier, roll goods supplier, etc.
Published on: 02/04/2007

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