Interview with Aloke Lohia

Aloke Lohia
Aloke Lohia
Group CEO
Indorama Ventures Limited
Indorama Ventures Limited

Is there any change in the quality of recycled polyester fibre as compared to the original fibre?

Absolutely not. The chemical composition of recycled polyester is identical to that of virgin material. Recycled polyester must feel and act like its virgin alternative otherwise it would not be well accepted by the consumer. Recycled polyester fibres are re-engineered to meet the exacting demands of performance and compliance similar to a virgin product. These properties are further complimented with the additional benefit of sustainable credits as a contribution to environmental management. As with other fibres, PET materials, such as those produced at our Wellman International plant in Ireland, must deliver the required textile or engineering properties of their construction, the softness and comfort of a textile material or the strength and resilience of an engineered component, without these features the material would not meet the expectations of the consumer. To exemplify its commitment to this recycling ethos, Indorama Ventures has launched the ECORAMA brand for its recycled polyester fibres and yarns products because we understand this is what the consumer is looking for and appreciates as long as the feeling is exactly the same as the virgin material.

Please tell us about Indorama Venture’s journey towards the innovation/state-of-the-art in the textile industry. Also enlighten us with your anew further moves.

We at Indorama Ventures are very excited about our move towards product development and innovation in the polyester chain. Our rationale is simple – we believe that innovation will not only provide us with an ability to enhance our margins through higher value addition but also enhance our ability to serve customers better and expand the market through new application development. With the recent acquisition of US-based FiberVisions, we saw the possibility to enhance our portfolio offering to our customers with Polypropylene Fibres. The acquisition of FiberVisions also significantly enhances Indorama Ventures’ position in the specialty fibres business and other growing fibre applications. Indorama Ventures is investing further into its Thai facilities market with a bicomponent fibres project for hygiene applications. The company is increasing its focus in the non-woven materials market. Moreover, IVL will also invest in another strategic project to make high quality specialized yarns, at its Indorama Ventures Indonesia (IVI) plant (formerly SK Keris) in Tangerang, Indonesia. As a result, we are developing new generation products to enhance our competitive edge.
Published on: 06/06/2012

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