Interview with Mr. Robert McKee

Mr. Robert McKee
Mr. Robert McKee
Global Fashion Industry Strategy Director

How do you think will Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software be beneficial to textile and apparel related units?

ERP systems can contribute towards reducing the burden of compliance and auditing (and controlling the costs therein). It is critical to assessing and then improving efficiency issues that might otherwise be overlooked. We are seeing more vertically orientated organisations covering more of the value chain. For these clients, ERP and supply chain software is critical to enable the control of all the products and components in the supply chain and manufacture of a given product. Businesses need to ensure low levels of inventory for the sake of financial health, but at the same time they know they cannot tolerate late goods' deliveries or lagging development. Integrated efficiency is the watchword here and the combination of ERP and supply chain execution software is vital.

What do you think about Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software? Where does that fit?

When it comes to PLM software, there is an exciting, macroeconomic driver at work in India that will, over the next five years or so, drastically change the face of the Indian textile, apparel and fashion business. We are beginning to see the birth of both concept and design development for home grown brands in India - not just for the domestic market but also for export.

What other software do you suppose have the capacity to benefit the Indian textile and apparel manufacturing units?

With regards to manufacturing, best practice will lead some leading manufacturers to deploy asset management software in order to ensure continued uptime and also to assess the energy consumption of key manufacturing facilities. As the domestic market develops and the textile manufacturers have a more diverse set of markets, it is likely that CRM will also become important for main manufacturers. It is likely that this will be deployed via the cloud.
Published on: 17/01/2013

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