Interview with Marco Lucietti

Marco Lucietti
Marco Lucietti
Global Marketing Director

The new big thing in denim is the ‘redone’ concept
ISKO is a leading denim fabric manufacturer that supplies to and partners with the most premium and innovative fashion brands. What makes ISKO special is not only its innovative spirit that covers all aspects of denim manufacturing, but also its futuristic mindset and cutting-edge technology, used to dream and create the uncreated. With the ingredients of denim lifestyle and the dynamics of design and art, ISKO captures and harmonises fresh perspectives expressing “the denim language”. Fibre2Fashion talk to Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director, SANKO/ISKO division.

What is the size of the denim industry globally?

In terms of production, more or less 4 billion garments are created worldwide every year.

Which are your biggest markets? Where do you see the denim market heading?

In terms of fabric production, the biggest markets are still Turkey, Pakistan, India, China and Brazil. Moreover, Turkey and Italy are the kingdoms of premium production. Talking about emerging markets, I can for sure highlight countries like Mexico and Thailand.

What are the upcoming trends in terms of wash, look and finishes?

Regarding washings and finishings, the new big thing for sure is the 'redone', a concept that spreads along with the conscious trend of sustainability, which is more and more at the centre of the consumer's attention. This green attitude is now concrete, real and tangible. For ISKO this is not a surprise, because sustainability has traditionally been a priority for us, not just in mere terms of sensibility but also in production. Talking about trends, we cannot ignore the stretch. It is not just an emerging trend, but a solid reality. Actually, we have to go beyond stretch by combining it with performance for brand new perspectives.

What kind of innovations can be expected in the coming years?

We will be walking two different, still complementary paths: on the one hand, the wearable technologies, the next step in industry evolution and, on the other, we have what in ISKO we call 'responsible innovation'. Thanks to this approach, ISKO is creating a virtuous cycle in order to combine products and methods that fit not only the wearer, but the planet too.

What is the percentage of growth of the denim industry?

Approximately 2 per cent per year for the premium area.

What kind of denim fabrics do brands demand from you?

As I said before, fabrics that can combine high levels of performance and responsible approach in terms of production are surely the most requested ones. Today, the systems of production are under the scanner: this is a trend too, in a special way.

Fashion and function are two pre-requisites in the denim industry. What new developments are you working on at ISKO in this regard?

We are working on fabrics that combine three factors: an outstanding look, an incomparable level of performance, and a responsible and innovative approach in production.

What sustainable practices are being employed at ISKO?

For ISKO, sustainability is not just a trend but a tangible modus operandi central to its business. ISKO has recently launched ISKO Earth Fit, a platform conceived in order to create and promote products at the forefront not only from a stylistic point of view but also because they are environment-friendly. It is no accident then that recently six products of ISKO Earth Fit earned the renowned Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification, one of the most important in the industry. ISKO is the only denim mill in the world that has received this recognition.
Published on: 11/07/2016

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