Interview with Marco Lucietti

Marco Lucietti
Marco Lucietti
Marketing Director
ISKO, Sanko Group
ISKO, Sanko Group

The ups and down in China’s textile sector/economy have an impact on the other countries. Please present you views on this statement.

Our company is not directly affected by the ups and down in the Chinese economy because we don’t manage production in China and we don’t buy there. Our Chinese market, as well as the global one, is always concerning the high-end brands and reflects our value-driven approach, not cost-driven.

Brands are resorting to outsourcing of production where the cost of labour is less, leading to 'sweatshop’ conditions. Do you feel this is the fact? What can be done to restrict such practices?

Again, we are not affected by this issue because our own as well as our clients’ productions aim to enhance the value of the products. To tell the truth, instead, we do see a comeback of the tailoring process to the countries with a renowned tradition of style and quality, that is Italy, Turkey, US West Coast. The “made in” feature is highly demanded now, characterizing the premium production. We are seriously committed in helping its brand partners to support their collections giving consumers a tangible proof of quality, involving ISKO in the communication towards the final consumers as leading Ingredient Brand, guarantee of the best innovation for denim.

Do you feel that some countries or regions have become dumping grounds for big companies to unload their surplus production? Does this have any pros and cons for that region?

Actually it’s a problem we don’t experience; we don’t recognize such a practice we are committed to managing the surplus really seriously. Its activity is highly certificated: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) – certification for products made with 100% organic cotton. OEP (Organic Exchange Products) – certification for products made mostly with organic components. OEKO TEX 100 Standard – certification for the ecological requirements demanded for textile products in direct contact with the skin. ISO 9001 – ISO 9002B – production processes certified according to the finest internationally recognised quality standards.

What are your views about Trans Pacific Partnership Pact?

Presently, our dynamics with our garment makers are not affected by this pact. I’m anyway sure it could help for further business developments in the future.

What expertise is required the most in a person not only to exist, but to stand out in the textile industry?

I think that any manager can’t prescind from working for a great company, being headed by inspiring guidelines and mission. The most important expertise for a person, as far as marketing and business development are concerned, is in my opinion the ability to understand the consumers’ needs. I personally feel right communion of intents between business goals and personal capabilities, is the right recipe for success.
Published on: 14/03/2013

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