Interview with Mr Baris Can Erol

Mr Baris Can Erol
Mr Baris Can Erol
Deputy Managing Director
Istanbul Trade Fairs Inc [ITF]
Istanbul Trade Fairs Inc [ITF]

Istanbul Trade Fairs Inc (ITF) was established in 2000 as a joint venture between ITE Group Plc and CNR Holding. ITE Group Plc is one of the world’s largest fair organization companies, which is based in the UK and CNR Holding was established as a fair organization company in 1985 and is currently active in several sectors with 14 companies in the global arena. Recognized by the Union of International Fairs (UFI) and possessing accreditation for fair organizations, ITF is recognized as having international quality and standards. ITF stands behind its principle of providing immaculate service. ITF organizes pioneering fairs with high participation in sectors such as Automotive, Home Textiles, Textiles, Furniture, Industry & Science, Food, Machine Industry and Technology, Energy, Real Estate, Advertising and Retailing. Deputy General Manager, ITF, Mr Baris Can Erol is a graduate of 1995 batch in Management, Bilkent University, Ankara -Turkey. He started his career working in the Audit department at Deloitte & Touche, Istanbul and was there until 2005. During this period, he spent 18 months at the Deloitte & Touche, San Jose, California office working as a Senior Auditor. In April 2005, Mr Erol joined ITF as the Finance Director, and was promoted to Deputy Managing Director in May 2007. Mr Erol’s mission is to keep ITF as the leader in the fair organization business as well as growing the business in a rate faster than general growth. Interacting with Face2Face team, Mr Baris Can Erol reveals more about present Turkish textile market and success keys to trade-fairs business.

What is your accumulated experience of your company's two decade old journey?

We are the biggest in both hall rental and fair organization businesses in Turkey. Our dominance in these areas also supported the growth of our stand construction, material rental, catering and travel agency businesses.

Istanbul Trade Fairs (ITF) which was formed as a joint venture between ITE and CNR is Turkey’s biggest fair organization company. ITF has concentrated on organizing international industrial fairs. The biggest of our shows are Evteks, Tatef, Autoshow Istanbul, Imob, Gida and Otomotiv which Evteks and Tatef are the 2nd and 3rd biggest in the world.

The fair organization business is shifting from Europe to the East and our objective in the mid-run is to reposition Turkey as the main-hub for trade fairs in the EMEA and the Caucasian area.

Can you name your different partners and their activities related to fairs, shows and exhibitions?

We partner with industrial associations to get them to support our shows. Associations are the primary driving forces in certain industries where our fairs are competing with top international fairs, such as Evteks and Tatef.

How does textile & allied sector feature in CNR Expo's scheme of fairs and events and to what extent?

Being the second biggest export item of Turkey textiles and allied sectors are of great importance to Istanbul Trade Fairs (ITF).

Published on: 10/12/2007

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