Interview with Bashir H. Ali Mohammad

Bashir H. Ali Mohammad
Bashir H. Ali Mohammad

Please define in which areas you find future investment opportunities for the textile industry? Also tell us which aspects are influencing to it.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that today we are finding ourselves in a situation of overcapacity. There is simply, more supply than demand in today’s global textile market. Until demand in the US, Europe and Japan as well as in all the emerging markets pick up again, the situation will not change to the better anytime soon. Nevertheless, there are always investment opportunities, especially in the growing markets of the emerging economies like China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and Turkey. A special segment is certainly the one for technical textiles. New functions and applications made this segment a fast growing segment both in industrialised and emerging economies.

Under the umbrella of ITMF, textile industries cooperate at the international level. How do you see the upcoming international conferences would significant to fruitful sessions?

The purpose of ITMF is to provide a neutral platform for the global textile industry for the exchange of information and experiences. Whenever people come together they can learn from each other. At ITMF’s annual conferences, delegates from the entire textile value chain –from fiber to retail – meet in a relaxed atmosphere in which they can listen to interesting presentations from international experts, discuss with experts and colleagues the development, risks and opportunities of the industry, see best practices, attend workshops on special topics and – last but not least – can meet old and make new friends.

What are your targets/objectives and principles as ITMF president?

My objectives as ITMF President are to further strengthen ITMF as a unique platform for the global textile industry. Delegates from five continents come together once a year in order to meet with colleagues and friends. Even in times of internet and email it is indispensable to actually meet people. ITMF has been serving its members for more than 100 years by adapting its structure successfully from time to time. Bringing the international textile value chain together in a globalised world is the main objective of ITMF.
Published on: 09/04/2012

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