Interview with Mr Masahiro Okafuji

Mr Masahiro Okafuji
Mr Masahiro Okafuji
President [Textile]& Sr MD [ITOCHU Corporation]
ITOCHU Corporation
ITOCHU Corporation

Fibre2fashion’s million plus visitors worldwide would like to know about the Brand Business’ key strategies working behind ITOCHU’s success in this sector.

In regards to brand business, we put emphasis on introducing brands with attractive backgrounds and histories, and developing the best market for each of the brands. It is also important for each salesperson to be very keen on knowing what the consumers want, so that he or she can find any small possibility for a future business. In other words, our role is to ‘market brands’.

Could you share more about your e-business?

MAGASeek Corporation, our subsidiary (listed on the TSE Mothers Market), is involved in e-business. It gives opportunities for consumers to purchase through its internet site, the exact products such as garments and accessories, introduced in magazines. Though the company is an offspring of one of ITOCHU’s internal business project, it has now developed into a dominant e-business.

“An excellent product is universally accepted around the world ... just as seasonal ingredients create superb cuisine” –Bringing this dictum to effect, how do your fabrics fashion the finish of the final product?

A new division, Textile Material & Fabric Division, was set up in April 2007 to effectively respond to the customers’ needs from fabrication to finishing garments. If a customer chooses our developed fabrics, the process of producing the garment can be done at the most suitable sewing place for the fabric.

What is your role in the ambit of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)?

We are enforcing our new technology in the textile industrial field.

Our subsidiary, INKMAX, is coordinating the new technology of dyeing fabric without the use of water. Although, the idea of this technology had been reviewed for many years, it was never actualized. INKMAX was the first to actualize this technology by developing special ink. This technology reduces use of water by 95 percent and emission of CO2 gas by 40 percent compared to the conventional dyeing process. This project has just been launched with some dyeing and fabric mills this year and is being highly appreciated.

Published on: 06/07/2007

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