Interview with Peter Ackroyd

Peter Ackroyd
Peter Ackroyd
International Wool Textile Organisation
International Wool Textile Organisation

There has been a misconception over the years about wool being, ‘husky and flabby’.
With Fibre2Fashion Correspondent Cindrella Thawani, Peter Ackroyd believes that demand of wool will grow with the increase of ethical consumption of fashion and life-style products. Synopsis: International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) is the solitary international organisation that is the custodian of world wool trade and industry regulations since 1927. Its objective is to specify wool as the world’s sustainable and reachable finest fibre for use in application from high end fashion through to healthy and safe interiors. Peter Ackroyd elected as the President of IWTO in May 2011. He is working as a Senior Advisor to Australian Wool Innovation (AWI/Woolmark). Ackroyd specialises in world markets for woollen and worsted fabrics. Further, he was Director of the British Wool Textile Export Corporation, for 25 years. Excerpts:

Wool is getting in vogue as well as it has made a comeback in Britain’s apparel market. How do you see its current apparel market world-wide?

Wool – particularly in tweed looks and formal suiting looks – is very much in vogue in the British premium fashion market. Worldwide fashion influences from London, this is having a global impact through key British brands such as Paul Smith, Burberry, and Vivienne Westwood. The premium world apparel market is in good shape. The middle market, I believe, fully intends to trade up, and the lower end of the market said ‘goodbye’ to wool many decades ago.

Consumption of sheep meat can become a threat to the wool industry? How do you take this concern?

The balance between raising sheep for meat or wool has been around for thousands of years. Recent wool price increases throughout the grower nations has most certainly favored farming for wool, and perhaps less for meat.

How do you foresee the wool market magnifying world-wide? Moreover, what are those challenges that it is facing, presently?

There is a growing use of wool in men’s and women’s casual wear – an area that we call ‘Urban’. This is a subtle blend of sportswear and casual city wear. There is also a trend towards smarter dressing in men’s wear across the world. The challenge is to introduce wool, both refers to worsted and woollen yarn.
Published on: 25/10/2012

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