Interview with Mr. Jattinn Kochhar

Mr. Jattinn Kochhar
Mr. Jattinn Kochhar
Fashion Designer
M/s Jattinn Kochhar
M/s Jattinn Kochhar

One of the biggest plus point we have as the Indian designers is
Jattinn kochhar a 1972 born Aquarian is a New Delhi , India based fashion designer .He launched his label at the age of nineteen in the year 1991, without any formal training in fashion. He and his wife work as team in running their design house. Jattinn firmly believes that he is truly blessed by the Almighty.

When & what led you to discover your spirit of a fashion designer?

It was after my tenth board exams when my inherent passion grew stronger to make my surrounding, people, places more pleasing to my eyes.

What is the thought process to fashion the pieces into the innovative creations?

Well, there is no fixed thought process. Each time it is like being born again.

How long does it take you to make a collection, from your first idea to the show?

"Again, as it is known, ideas are not time bounded, so no fixed timing for that! A collection can take 10 days to 8 months or even pretty long epoch like 4 years or so."

What's your favorite era of fashion?

20’s, 60’s and the British Raj era

As you certainly pay attention to women’s fashion, do you have any preferences?

Well for that -Urban, fuss-free, contemporary, very wearable, fine knits, perfect fit and appropriately accessorized are the key words that come to my mind.

Did you ever bestow your artistic hand on the world of children wear?

Very often, I have created custom made formal as well as really cool & edgy clothes for little kids. I really enjoy designing clothes for my three and a half year old son. He is one of my biggest critics.

What impact, of the intruding overseas fashion labels, would you forecast on Indian fashion market?

Indian economy and the Indian fashion scenario is going through very exciting times these days, but one thing is clear for sure that only the worthy will survive. One of the biggest plus point we have as the Indian designers is that we understand the Indian sensibilities in terms of our social conditioning, Indian sizing, skin tones and the specific needs that an Indian consumer has.

What tips would you give to a budding fashion designer?

"Along with a creative mind, your communication skills also have to be excellent. Your awareness regarding the current social scenario, political scenario, entertainment, technology and history have to be up to date as all this information would be vital for you to get your inspiration, to create your individual style. In simple words -Read the newspaper everyday."
Published on: 16/10/2006

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