Interview with Mr. Enrique Silla

Mr. Enrique Silla
Mr. Enrique Silla
Jeanologia- Grupo Eurotrend
Jeanologia- Grupo Eurotrend

A process that saves water, chemicals, energy or is worker-friendly is no longer anecdotal but a fundamental requirement.
Headquartered in Valencia, Spain, Grupo Eurotrend has a dominant global presence with a network of strategically located offices around the world providing goods & services to clients in 42 countries. Its focus is on fabric & garment trading and the R&D of new technologies for jeans wet & dry processing. Under its founder’s leadership, this group of seven companies has the prestigious R&D and Consulting Center for garment finishing techniques, Jeanologia. Mr. Enrique Silla is the Managing Director of the Spanish textile group Eurotrend and founder CEO of Jeanologia. After an international experience of more than 20 years and strong collaborations with prestigious brands and retailers, Mr. Enrique Silla, an MBA from the prestigious Universidad de Navarra I.E.S.E. school of business in Barcelona, is considered one of the world authorities in the Science of Finishing. In Face2Face, speaking to Ms. Madhu Soni, Sr. Editor & Correspondent, Mr. Enrique Silla provides the overview of global apparel industry vis-a-vis new developments in textile finishing sector.

Welcome to Face2Face talk, Sir! Jeanologia has followed Apparel industry closely, since two decades. Can you share with us the overview of the industry then, and now?

Twenty years ago, we were focused on the perfect finishing without thinking on the consequences of the processes and chemicals we were using. There was no an ecological conscience, and no one paid attention to workers in the industry. Today, we do have laws that regulate these practices. Moreover, all businesses have included a program to replace or minimize unethical practices. A process that saves water, chemicals, energy or is worker-friendly is no longer anecdotal but a fundamental requirement.

How is Denim segment performing in the wake of these happenings in textile and garment world?

Many companies in the world of denim are leaning for transparency in their marketing campaigns and this is a revolution. Typically, denim-finishing industry was characterized by secrecy, no one wanted to share their processes, or could not take pictures in any laundry. Choosing to expose the processes openly, being transparent, indicates a major change in mentality, it is not just about the product but also about how we do it.

What is your recent survey on consumers’ aspirations from a denim wear?

Further to my previous answer, the consumer does not only give value to the look of the garment but also, since it is equally important, to the garment creation process of creation. It is not about adding evident value to the product, such as packaging, but an intrinsic value to the goods. Consumers are more and more informed and are more demanding regarding the complete product than the look.

Innovation is central to success- how would you take this statement? What are some new technologies emerging in the textile - finishing sector?

Absolutely, innovation is the key to business today. We continue to innovating, improving our lasers. For example, the new Twin HS, presented to the public last September is the fastest in the market. G2 technology has led to an innovation also quite important and increasingly enjoys wider acceptance and its presence increases in industrial laundries. On the other hand, we also launched “Esoft”, our new technology that works with nano-bubbles and is perfect for working the raw look. However, innovation is not only about machines: we have also developed a measurement software that helps us calculating the water, energy chemicals and energy costs in our processes, as well as determining if those are ethical from a worker point of view.

What is the most remarkable contribution from Jeanologia in this line?

I think that, in addition to the technologies, we try to help spreading the concept of transparency and ethics in our industry. A primary objective is to establish Jeanologia in emerging markets and disseminate these new concepts and technologies through hubs that have been opened in different countries viz: India, Turkey, Bangladesh etc..

With what all challenges shall the industry forward to the next year in offing?

The greatest challenge to face is to help fashionistas and technocrats working together. Designers and engineers must to be a part of the creation process of the garments to create fashion products in an efficient way.

Your view on Sustainable business is-

Sustainable business is a must, without increasing the costs!


Published on: 05/12/2011

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