Interview with Ms Dana Bayyat

Ms Dana Bayyat
Ms Dana Bayyat
Jordan Garments, Accessories & Textiles Exporter’s Association (JGATE)
Jordan Garments, Accessories & Textiles Exporter’s Association (JGATE)

The industry indeed is such an important source of country’s growth. How would you describe its present rendition while considering current economic turmoil?

This industry yes is very important source of the country’s growth, and we think the current economic turmoil is a temporary situation and our industry here in Jordan can survive against this turmoil and rebuild its abilities to penetrate new market niches based on well established relations with Major International Buyers.

How does Textile and Clothing industry make itself significant for your country’s economy?

It employs 55000 local workers. Exports in the sector reached more than 1.2 billion US Dollars. It has attracted investment of more than $720 millions in the country.

What all policies have been mooted by the Jordanian Government to pull out the industry from this critical situation? How is JGATE shouldering this league?

- JGATE assessed the sector identifying its challenges and potentials, in close partnership with the government.

- Currently implementing a comprehensive agenda creating a sustainable & competitive garment industry in Jordan.

- JGATE worked closely with the government starting from early last year on a package of support to the industry and put a medium term strategy to pull out the industry from the critical situation , the policies were concentrating on how the government can reduce the cost for the sector such as reducing some governmental fees, and support the cost of training the local workers and transportation.. etc, and also working on finding new markets.

Have Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the Qualifying Industrial Zone (QIZ) agreement been fruitful to bring in good tidings for Jordanian Textile and Clothing industry?

The QIZ Agreement & the Jordan-US FTA opened up unique export opportunities for Jordan to access the US market. The results have been very favorable under these agreements, as the sector is employing over 55,000 people and generates about $1.2 billion worth of exports.

We have achieved a net growth of over 200 % in export levels, and over 20 % in employment levels in the past several years.

Professional development amongst the industry is the must tool to fight out global competition. What is your say; which areas need to be ameliorated to have the competitive edge? How JGATE will be instrumental in this?

Yes I agree. 100% it is a must tool for all the industries especially in our industry and JGATE plays a major role in it, especially, in educational programs that aim to increase productivity and efficiency among our members and training seminars that enable members to take full advantage of export opportunities by addressing trade agreement compliance, international quality standards, labor laws, and customs requirements…etc

What all measures have been taken to increase awareness of the social compliance in the industry?

As of March 2007, the Government of Jordan published its Action Plan to improve its labor administration and labor compliance systems. The Action Plan focuses on, first of all, improving working conditions through inspection and compliance assistance. Secondly, enhancing institutional capacity for labor administration and law enforcement, and last but not least, increasing employment opportunities for Jordanians. All three focus areas are of a significant importance to the apparel sector. The Government of Jordan, in joint efforts with JGATE and employers as well as workers, is working as partners. As a result, Jordan is well on its way to becoming a model for labor administration and compliance for the region, therefore better work programs were also put in place.


Published on: 01/06/2009

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