Interview with Juby Mcdonald

Juby Mcdonald
Juby Mcdonald
Founder and Creative Head
Juby Mcdonald
Juby Mcdonald

The Indian woman is no longer afraid of experimenting with her dressing
Juby Mcdonald offers women ready-to-wear collections online. Juby Mcdonald, founder and creative head of the brand talks about her experience with fashion markets all over the world, and other issues with Fibre2Fashion.com

You recently forayed into the Indian fashion market. How was your experience?

Our experience with the Indian fashion scene has been nothing but inspiring. The first thing that comes to my mind when India is mentioned, is colour. The texture and colour in everything you see in India - from food to festivals to textiles to homes - is unique to this beautiful country. Colour influences a lot of my designs, and it was only a matter of time before we entered the Indian market. We are absolutely certain that we will enjoy success here. We are one hundred percent committed to making women feel on top of the world.

What are your views on the Indian fashion scene?

As someone who has spent most of her life outside India, when we talk of Indian fashion we do not think of jeans and T-shirts for women. Bright saris pop up in our mind. The actual Indian scene is very different from an outsider’s perception. Today, we see saris and westernwear trends on the street. I have noticed that Indian women are no longer afraid to experiment with fashion choices. They are bold, stylish and amongst the most well-dressed women. Juby McDonald creates fashion for women who know what they want, and this pretty much sums up an Indian woman.

How is the Indian fashion market different from other markets of the world?

Indian fashion has seen an influence from western countries in the last ten years. Globalisation and technological advances have exposed Indian men and women to the western way of life, and thereby their fashion. For international luxury brands, India is no longer a testing ground. It is now viewed as a lucrative market at par with China, which occupies the top spot. This is no small feat for a young country like India. Clothing has always played a big role in Indian tradition. Gifting and receiving clothes are an integral part of any festival or wedding. Indian women are not afraid of change. More women are working outside their homes, and their taste in fashion has evolved drastically. India's middle and elite class are well travelled and in sync with global fashion and trends. This fashion consciousness is usually combined with a traditional Indian touch. It is what makes them unique. Indian fashion is also greatly influenced by fashion showcased in the Hindi film industry, which is in a fabulous space right now.
Published on: 06/05/2016

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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