Interview with Mr. Andrea Bonardi

Mr. Andrea Bonardi
Mr. Andrea Bonardi
Managing Director
La Perla , Asia
La Perla , Asia

Lingerie and beachwear offer women very little options to experiment. Do you believe in this statement? Please explain your stand.

I think the statement is very wrong, on the contrary women can express themselves through lingerie and beachwear by wearing it to match their mood or personality. They can choose to be sexy, seductive, sensual, or confident, determined, independent, all this by wearing different kinds of lingerie or beachwear. As I said before, lingerie requires a lot of education, and the woman must know how to master her lingerie and use it!

Can you explain a bit about 'Vanity Sizing' and La Perla with regards to vanity sizing?

New ideas and technologies keep cropping up in the industry now and then. Lingerie industry is no exception! It is a growing trend that we are also tapping, but in a fashionable way. Again La Perla in this regard distinguishes itself from other lingerie players.

What do you think is the future of the global lingerie industry?

The future will be towards very mass brands offering competitive prices for fast consumption and towards uber-luxury for the very discerning and sophisticated customers who want to indulge themselves. Lingerie will continue to play a great role in the day to day living of women.

What factors do you suppose make lingerie and beachwear "luxurious" in addition to "comfortable"?

Luxury is about the use of precious and refined materials and unique designs. The former give psychological as well physical comfort, in terms of lightness, fitting, while the latter complements it, by providing the mood and feeling of wearing something extraordinary. Together these two elements provide a luxurious feel to the item.
Published on: 07/02/2013

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