Interview with Edgar Huber

Edgar Huber
Edgar Huber
President and CEO
Lands' End Inc.
Lands' End Inc.

Seeing the growing competition from online shopping portals, do you think that offline apparel retailing will remain a viable business in the US and other countries in near future? Why?

Again, there will always be room for both online and offline apparel retailing because consumers like to have the option to shop the way that works best for them.

With a new influx of digital innovations, apparel brands are now focusing on social media for marketing opportunities. Do you agree? Can you expand on that a bit?

Social and mobile platforms are becoming an increasingly important part of how we communicate with our customers. As the digital space continues to evolve we want to make sure we are adapting our efforts to fit with the changing times. The most important thing is to remain nimble and ensure we are accommodating where and how the customer wants to shop. Our digital team is constantly looking at industry trends and competitor sites to ensure we are going above and beyond to engage with our customers.

To what extent do social media platforms help apparel brands in better marketing their products?

Social and mobile platforms create another touch-point that allows brands to reach a different set of customers they may not otherwise be influencing. Additionally, digital platforms allow for real-time marketing, making communications even more personalized and relevant.

Sometime back, you have expressed interest in expanding Land’s End’s footprints beyond the US, the UK, Germany and Japan. Which are the countries you would like to focus on and what are the reasons?

We ship to almost every market in the world from – which we refer to as our “rest of world” business. At this time, we are in the process of assessing our rest of world business and selecting countries where we are currently seeing robust interest in the brand and developing an ecommerce presence that is tailored to that country’s shopping needs ranging from currency and culture to language. In addition to Canada, we are exploring how to bring the brand to Russia and Australia where we are seeing interest from consumers.

The issue of sustainability is becoming ever more prevalent due to growing ecological awareness. What is the best method to achieve transparency and sustainability in apparel supply chain?

It is important to look at sustainability from all aspects of the business - including the practices of your business partners. Lands’ End strives to implement sustainability in all of our products and our processes. To look at sustainability from all aspects, we review the practices of our business partners in both the United States and Worldwide. We also developed a supplier scorecard that allows us to rate potential suppliers to determine whether or not their values are aligned with Lands’ End’s.
Published on: 17/10/2013

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